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19 04 2012

Yesterday was one of those days.  It began at 5:30 am and I turned off the work computer at 11:30pm.  There was a lot in between.  I am in the swing of tri season and figuring all the new job responsibilities out as I go.  In the midst of that I am trying to be a part of my family first, which isn’t always easy.   There are days I am so busy I am not sure it’s humanly possible to fit it all in.   But somehow one day at a time it’s getting done, well most of it.  : )

I’ve traveled a lot since my last post.  To Costa Rica, (well I posted once since then but not about the trip) to Mississippi, to New Orleans and on a run from SW VA to DC.   This was all within a month of each other so you can imagine the state of my house, my checkbook and my inbox.  Yet the trips were all amazing and I learned so much on each one.  I hope I will have (make) the time to sit down and blog about each one but I think I can surmise what I learned most in one thought.

I am blessed.  I am a part of an incredible team.  I love my work team and my tri team but the team I cherish above all else is our family team.  Even when the kids are fighting or Paul is working late or, or, or.  We are a team and we work together so much.   Whether I am traveling for work and the kids (and Paul) are having to pick up the slack at home, or sitting in a torrential  thunderstorm in our camper, or exploring the streets of New Orleans, or running a mile together in a fight against cancer.  I am so lucky, proud and blessed to be a part of my team.



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23 04 2012

Busy few weeks for sure! You are definitely lucky to be part of such a great team (work and family!).

7 05 2012
Carol, Simply Gluten Free

Somehow we find more of ourselves under all the work!

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