It’s a Whole New World.

25 04 2012

Tuesday I was up at 5 to get my workout done before I had to get the kids up and going, then get myself showered and out the door by 7am for a meeting.

It was mid getting kids up when it hit me, I am no longer a stay at home mom that works some.  I am now a full time working mom.  I fully understood that when I said:

‘Sorry this bread is so stale (for the peanut butter sandwiches for lunch), but this is the only kind we have left without mold.’

‘I can either be at the start of your track meet OR get groceries today, not both.’

‘How about bacon and gluten free donuts for breakfast?’

‘Go downstairs and check the unfolded laundry baskets for some pants.  Nothing?  Just wear a pair that don’t look dirty.’

I am having to majorly adjust my expectations for my parenting and my workouts.  I hope that things will settle down (You know when race season starts and I have a race to time almost every weekend.)  Crap.  At least I really, really love my job!



3 responses

25 04 2012

I feel your pain. Had to do emergency laundry so I have pants to wear to work tomorrow, and we are down to like 1/3 of a roll of TP. Yikes!

27 04 2012

Haha! These words came out of my mouth this a.m.: “Just wear the pants you wore yesterday…” You are so not alone!! 🙂

28 04 2012
Jill Poon (@tribirdie)

Yep, same here! 😀 The breakfast stuff is killing me!! When did I let cold cereal become a “good breakfast”?? and today they had granola bars in the car on the way to school! eggs are now a weekend treat.

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