Get out and RUN

26 03 2012

This morning at 3am eastern time the staff of REV3, the staff of the Ulman Cancer Fund and some other crazy folks took off on a journey across the US.  Over the next 21 days they will run the entire US, Oceanside California to Maryland.  They are running the raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund, an organization that supports young adults with cancer.    I have had the pleasure of working with the Ulman fun timing their race, the Half Full tri for the last two years.  It is truly an amazing organization that I am proud to support.

You can track the journey of the group here:

Today, and maybe every day for the next 21 days take a minute and run.  Run because you can.  Run for those that you love that have been affected by cancer.  Just run.


Half Full Tri

4 10 2010

This past weekend I was very lucky to be able to be a part of the inaugural Half Full Triathlon.  Click on the link to learn more about the event.  Here is a small blurb I took from their site explaining the race:

We believe HALF FULL is having hope and optimism in the face of adversity. Whether it is a 70 Mile triathlon or the fight against cancer, HALF FULL is having the determination and positive attitude to get to your finish line. Surrounded by friends, family and fellow athletes – we are all in this fight together. One Mile at a time, we will finish this race, but more importantly – WIN this cancer battle!

REV3 donated timing services for the event so I was able to get an awesome behind the scenes look at the race and the Ulman Cancer Fund.   Really all I can say is wow.   This was so much more than a race, it was an event and bigger than that it was a celebration of what folks can do when they work together against cancer.

My dear hubby raced the race and didn’t have one bad thing to say.  He said it was just spectacularly run and well supported with more volunteers than you could imagine.  He did say the course was HARD, but I love a good tough course : )

I of course have to mention how much fun it is for me to hang out with my timing guys.  Working with Charlie and crew is just a blast.  I was a little worried about having my hubby there with me for a REV3 timing race – I didn’t want him to know how fun my job is.   (that is while he is at home with 2 kids and I’m ‘working’ a race)  All in all just a fabulous weekend, I am very, very blessed to have an amazing husband, wonderful teammates (that’s YOU Kier) and a great team to work with all the while supporting a fantastic organization.

Now, here are a few shots from the weekend a fun little video.  It’s hard to see in the video, but as a swim coach I love to watch the way people swim.  On the right in the yellow cap is Olympic swimmer and cancer survivor Eric Shanteau, on the left in the orange cap is Rebecca Wassner, professional triathlete and pretty much all around amazing chick as far as I can tell.    I thought it was fun to see Rebecca’s fast swinging open water technique right next to Eric’s long high elbow very traditional pool stroke.  Yes, I’m a swim geek.

Race Morning (with crappy camera)

The finish chute really was a celebration

Our little trailer workspace! AND the elusive Charlie 🙂

Results Tent

First two Survivors into the water

Paul getting ready to hit the water

Kier always full of smiles 🙂