I love it when things work. . . .

7 05 2012

After a stressful work weekend where lots of things didn’t go as planned I want to talk about something fun and positive.  I was working in Knoxville this weekend (and in Charlottesville too) timing the REV3 race.  I remember the first race in Knoxville.  I have been to every single REV3 race since Knoxville 3 years ago.  It has been such a joy to watch the races grow and see ideas grow into bigger and more amazing realities.

The first kids adventure race was small.  It seemed that folks either didn’t know about it or weren’t buying into it yet.  Fast forward three years and this was the sight at the kids adventure race:There was so much excitement and energy watching the families race together.  I saw the same athletes we had checked in on Friday and Saturday morning.  I am so proud to work for a company that understands that during that long boring race and a weekend full of hurry up and wait it’s important that athletes and the companies that serve them need to give a little time and attention to those that have supported them through a lot of training time.


Get out and RUN

26 03 2012

This morning at 3am eastern time the staff of REV3, the staff of the Ulman Cancer Fund and some other crazy folks took off on a journey across the US.  Over the next 21 days they will run the entire US, Oceanside California to Maryland.  They are running the raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund, an organization that supports young adults with cancer.    I have had the pleasure of working with the Ulman fun timing their race, the Half Full tri for the last two years.  It is truly an amazing organization that I am proud to support.

You can track the journey of the group here: http://rev3tri.com/america/raa-blog/

Today, and maybe every day for the next 21 days take a minute and run.  Run because you can.  Run for those that you love that have been affected by cancer.  Just run.


The Yes, I actually said that post.

2 02 2012

Before I tell you my story I must first give you a few facts:

This will be my third season working for REV3.  It will also be my third season racing on their age group team.

Because I have been to all but 1 REV3 race (that’s EVER) I have a LOT of REV3 shirts.  Even when I’m working I grab a leftover finisher shirt if they have them, I just love these shirts and I always get stopped with questions about my cool shirt.  I like this because 1.  I am an attention hog.  2.  It promotes REV3.

Even my kids have REV3 shirts, my husband has REV3 shirts – if there were a dog REV3 shirt Bodhi would wear it.

So, we are geared out.  Got it?  Get ready for a healthy does of stupid.

Ok, take a look at my very first REV3 finisher shirt and pay close attention to the R logo.

Dinner at CoachKati’s last night, Mr. Coach was wearing one of his REV3 shirts:

A:  Hey Daddy, look those lines inside the R make a 3, like for REV3

E:  Duh, we have talked about that at dinner before.

Mr. Coach:  Still laughing

This went on for a few min, at which point I looked down at the REV3 shirt I was wearing at the time and admitted:

“Um, I never noticed that before.  Seriously, ever.”

I think it took Mr. Coach about 2.5 seconds before he was on the phone texting Charlie (my boss) to relay the story.

There you have it, a wonderful CoachKati blonde moment of the year.   (I guess in this case a brunette moment because I’m a brunette!)

2012 Schedule

23 11 2011

Alright, I have an idea of my 3 big goals for 2012 – FINALLY.  It took a nice two weeks of finally training regularly again, a talk with the big man about my work schedule and some planning with the hubby and I think it’s finally coming together.

I’ll work back from the end of the season just to make it interesting:

1.  PR at the brand spanking new REV3 Wisconson Dells HalfRev.  I would really, really love to be around 5:45.  I have a lot of biking and running to do to make that happen, but I am pretty strong willed so I think I can make it happen.


2.  I’m going off road.  I have developed a new love for mountain biking that I can only say surprises me.   Since I am a gal who loves control and fears, um falling this one is a mystery to me!   My birthday ‘suprise’ is a pair of cool mtn. bike shoes and pedals.  I’m going big time moving up from my plastic flat pedals and strapping myself to my bike.  My fight or flight sense tells me this might be a horribly bad idea but the mountain junkie in me is so excited to grow as a cyclist.  I’m still waiting for the XTerra schedule to be finalized before I choose a race but I’m thinking it will be in mid to late June or July.

2.  Since running has been my struggle on my road to recovery this one is my hardest goal.  First it will be a challenge to keep training and complete with the lack of a running base I have right now.  Probably even more it will be difficult to have my goal be to finish and not set a time goal for myself.  I don’t think I have the time or the base to be looking for a pr on this course so I’ll have to settle for FINISH as my big goal.  Ouch, that one hurts.

So, who will be joining me out there at my races?  (and all my wonderful friends that will be racing the REV3 races – don’t fear, only one REV3 race on my schedule is only because I plan on working almost all the races!)


The Brown Truck Fairy

31 10 2011

I have some serious ordering to do.  I am  (GASP!) almost out of all my EFS and I am all the way out of my Ultragen.  I love my First Endurance goodies, especially once trainer season hits (with snow this past weekend I’d say it’s here) – I’ll get a bottle of EFS ready the night before and wake up, hop on the trainer and the EFS gets me through w/o needing breakfast before my workout.  This might not be, metabolically speaking, the correct way to do things but I need fuel in the am before or during a workout so it works for me.

Since I’ve vowed to get my running back on track this winter I’m planning on needing my Ultragen to recover from my long runs.  I envy those that can just pop down a chocolate milk as a recovery drink – my stomach would be UNhappy if I did that.  Instead I’ll stick to what I know and have my cappuccino flavored Ultragen shake.

I actually had to buy coffee beans from the store yesterday.  I’m not sure how  I let my 25 bags of coffee directly from Costa Rica run out but – ack, I did.  Since the next REV3 Costa Rica race isn’t until March I’d better get on the net and put in my next 25 bag order!!

It’s also time to put in my order for my Tri-Swim goodies.  I have been keeping up with my atleast 2 swims a week for a few weeks and since I actually got my hair colored at a real salon (gray hair, what gray hair?) I have to be very good to my curly locks!!

Off topic, but it’s also winter boot time.  It seems these darn kids keep growing so I keep having to buy them new boots!  Since E will be doing the ski team this year he needs good tromp through snow boots and I learned the hard way if you wit until Dec. you will find every size but the one you actually need.

This is the Life

15 02 2011

Here are a few shots from a few of our first days in Costa Rica. I will have to wait to post video, I can’t find the right app to upload them from the iPod touch.

Warm thoughts during our Snow ‘Storm’

26 01 2011

We are expecting a few inches of snow here in the valley today.  Because we haven’t had much snow this year it seems that all has come to a standstill for 4 – 7 inches of the white stuff.  Truthfully I’m just fine with a little snow, I’ve missed it this year.

Our upcoming trip to warm and sunny Costa Rica makes the snow a little easier to take.  All the details are worked out and all that is left to do is pack!  Since it would be silly to have packed bags laying around the house for a few weeks I guess I’ll show restraint and hold off on packing.

I’m super excited that the REV3 Blogtalk radio get back up and running tonight.   AND – tonight’s guest is Bree Wee – professional triathlete (and former Costa Rica resident) extraordinare!  The show is on at 8pm Eastern time and is worth skipping ABC Wed. night re-runs to listen.  If you sign in you can chat in the chat room while you are listening to the show.  In the past all kinds of other professionals popped in to chat too which was pretty cool.   

Alright, I’d better go and parent my two children that are off school for the day – you have the day to think of fun (or funny) questions to call or text into the radio show!