My New (big) Wheels

3 10 2012

My new bike “Little Blue”

I won’t do the lengthy “why I haven’t blogged in forever” post.  I’ve been busy, something had to give.

Not that I’m not still busy – it’s just that now I’m so busy I need to do a little work avoidance so voila – a new blog post!

A few weeks ago my mountain bike got stolen.  Yes, again.  It was locked and tucked safely in my car port.  Or not so much safely.  But lock cut, two bikes stolen, angry words and maybe throwing a few things – you get the picture.  Thankfully we had homeowners insurance so I went bike shopping.

Honestly I find bike shopping exhausting.  So many choices and every time I decided on a bike I’d find a slew of “don’t buy that bike, it’s horrible” reviews.  There was the Women’s Specific vs. ‘regular’ debate.  Then I had to tackle the 29’er vs. 26 in. debate.  All of this at least provided me a few hours of work avoidance.

Finally I was just exhausted from the hunt so I started calling bike shops.  I found a delightful shop in Winchester, Black Bar Bicycles.  I had narrowed it down to a few brands and they happened to carry one of them.  The gentleman that helped me suggested a whole other brand I had never heard of.   I ordered my bike over the phone sight unseen.  I loved what I read about the bike and for the money it was heads and tails above the other stuff I was considering.

I’m a sucker for good marketing and the slogan right on the front page of the KHS site is Find Yourself . . . . . . . On a KHS.  As I recover from a really hard work year and approach the big 4-0 (less than 2 months away) and I even maybe get myself back into racing I am so excited to Find Myself again.


Seeing Blue

12 11 2011



Today I took my first big leap mountain biking and tried a BLUE trail!  Doesn’t seem like much but out local trails are pretty technical and rocky (they aren’t called the Rocktown trails for nothing!
My hubby and I decided a date was on order today so we got a nice 1.5 hour mountain bike ride done.  I just love mountain bilking right now, there’s just enough OH SHIT mixed with fun and workout.  Today i’m picking an Xterra race to add to my 2012 schedule!

There’s no excuse . . .

26 10 2011

As we were doing a family mountain bike ride on Monday evening at the park .03 miles from our house it dawned on me that there is absolutely no excuse for me not to be getting wonderful creative outdoor workouts done every single nice weather day.  Being the awesome artist that I am I drew a map of all the fantastic outdoor resources that are literally less than a mile from my house:

As you can imagine, our trees are pretty amazing to be included in my picture.

The swimming pool is actually both an indoor and outdoor pool.  The parks both have great trails – the one next adjacent to the pool just hosted a cyclocross event that was great fun to watch!  Even better is that you can still ride the course which has provided our family with some fun free entertainment.   The park on the left of the picture has a pretty involved trail system.

My son loves to get on the trails and ride but I must admit that he is a wee bit better at mountain biking than me since is isn’t afraid of falling, running into trees and other silly things like rocks.  Our rides usually involve him shouting at me “MOM, can I just go ahead of you?”  He is now angling for a BMX bike because the cool park with the trails also has a “pump track” which is hard to ride on a big mountain bike.  Since we just invested in skis for his first year on the Massanutten Ski Team he’s on his own for buying a BMX bike.  Also with 8 bikes in the house we are completely out of space to house even one more bike.

Mountain bike trails


E riding the pump track

P and E riding the cyclocross race course

Learning to Fly

24 08 2010

Monday was the kids first day of school.  I think I *might* have mentioned that in a blog post or six.  I decided to take the time to do a little learning of my own.  We have an awesome trail system that is a 3 min. bike ride from our house, so I threw on my helmet and literally hit the trails.

I am so excited to learn something new.  I think part of my need to take a few months off of training this summer was boredom.  I needed to expand my horizons, grow and learn something new. 

This learning process is about more than just bike handling skills for me.  I am an utter and complete control freak.  I know this about myself and have even tried to work on it, but lets face it – this is me.  Thankfully my husband and children either love that about me or have just learned to live with it! 

Mountain biking is not about control.  You have to learn to let the bike go out of control a certain amount  in order to maneuver.    So, out on the trails I set out and I’m even starting to get the feel for that back wheel slip that my bike does when I hit the rocky spots.  And, wow, there are a lot of those on our trails!  So, as my kids hit the real classroom I will be here in my new classroom:


I am an uphill ninja master

5 08 2010

O-k, not really – but I am much better at going up hill on my mountain bike than downhill.  And slippery rocks – I’m still not a huge fan, but I’m learning.  Learning – that’s what I love about starting a new adventure on my mountain bike.  It’s new and fun.  I think I’d lost some of that new and fun from triathlon.  Maybe I just needed a break.   Who knows.  What I do know is that even with a sore throat and a 2 hour car trip on tap for the day I’m still sitting here wondering if the trails are dry enough for me to get out for a quick am spin.

I’ll never be a world class mountain biker – I’m way too cautious for that.  But chances are good that I’ll do an off road race soon and not suck at it : )  Imagine my delight and surprise when I found this:    a REV3 Sprint adventure race!

I guess this means I need to learn to read a map?!