My Coach

29 02 2012

So I have been working with the wonderful Carole Sharpless for a month now.  My workouts are awesome, I am getting back into a routine and *gasp* running is getting easier.  She is a rockstar.

Here is the really important thing she is doing for me.

Poor Carole, she never knew signing up to coach me that she would end up as a middle aged African-American nanny did she?

It seems that my self confidence *might* have taken a bit of a beating over last year or so.  In an amazingly kind, yet ass kicking email Carole informed me that I am mean to myself.   She called me out for things that I was doing that I didn’t even see, but she also called me out because I have a 12 year old daughter that can see my actions and can hear my words.

So, for Lent I did not give up Chocolate or candy or coffee.  I gave up negative self talk.   No more talk about how slow my run is or how big my butt is.  For this Lenten season instead I am seeing my run as improving and my body as a gift from God.    And daily I will give thanks for those things, and for my wonderful friend and coach who reminded me that who I am isn’t just good enough, it’s great.

When to cry UNCLE

21 01 2011

As a coach I write workouts for folks, but more importantly I prioritize workouts.  To me, it’s much more valuable when I am able to look at a week with missed workouts (whether it’s due to schedule, illness or just plain burnout) and re-prioritize the workouts.  More often than not my athletes will try to scramble to fit it all in, which would just end up in a bunch of sub-par workouts – rather than taking a good hard look at what you missed, why you missed it and which workouts you really need to get done.

I have had my share of illness over the last few years.  Flu – ugh, Feb. is my official flu month.  About two weeks every year – except of course the year that I had MONO instead!  That was a fun two months.  So, through all this illness of mine I have learned one important word:  UNCLE.  Seriously – if I’m sick I stop all together and heal before I get going again.  No more “it’s just a low grade fever, I can do an easy swim.”

Wednesday around dinner I started to feel achey.  By the end of dinner my head was down on the table and I had to crawl to the couch to lay down.  I missed my son’s basketball game.  I missed a meeting.  I missed coaching a swim practice.   I was down for the count.  So on Thursday around noon when I started to feel better, instead of throwing on the suit for my scheduled workout I sat down with my schedule.  Here is what it looked like before:

Thurs:  long swim & endurance bike (trainer)

Friday:  long run

Saturday:  off

Sunday:  bike & run

Knowing that my *maybe* marathon is the biggest challenge on my schedule I knew that the Friday run was THE workout that has to get done.  Also knowing that I am traveling this weekend making it almost impossible to do a long run made it clear that Friday is the day for my long run.  So, I threw out Thursdays workouts.  I don’t feel bad, I don’t feel guilt – recovery and rest is what my body needed at that time and that’s what it’s getting.

I’m going to try and do my 2 hour run today.  I’m feeling much better and am hopeful.  Whatever else I get done this weekend will just be icing on the cake if I am able to get 2 hours under my belt.  Even if I end up with no more workouts and just some good rest and maybe some good yoga the week will be a success because I realized my body’s needs and limits and worked within them.