My Coach

29 02 2012

So I have been working with the wonderful Carole Sharpless for a month now.  My workouts are awesome, I am getting back into a routine and *gasp* running is getting easier.  She is a rockstar.

Here is the really important thing she is doing for me.

Poor Carole, she never knew signing up to coach me that she would end up as a middle aged African-American nanny did she?

It seems that my self confidence *might* have taken a bit of a beating over last year or so.  In an amazingly kind, yet ass kicking email Carole informed me that I am mean to myself.   She called me out for things that I was doing that I didn’t even see, but she also called me out because I have a 12 year old daughter that can see my actions and can hear my words.

So, for Lent I did not give up Chocolate or candy or coffee.  I gave up negative self talk.   No more talk about how slow my run is or how big my butt is.  For this Lenten season instead I am seeing my run as improving and my body as a gift from God.    And daily I will give thanks for those things, and for my wonderful friend and coach who reminded me that who I am isn’t just good enough, it’s great.

It’s about darn time!

31 01 2012

The last year and a half has been a roller coaster.  (Both emotionally and physically, but here I am just talking about the physical part.)  I went from a PR for a HIM in May of 2010 to beginning Jan. 2012 struggling to run at all regularly, off my bike since FOREVER and a little slow in the pool.  Oh yeah, then there’s this extra 15 lbs. (ok, really 20) of FAT I’m lugging around.

I am such a champ at feeling sorry for myself.   Being the middle of 3 children I’ve had lots of practice.   I know you older children think you had too much responsibility and pressure and you poor, poor youngest children think you were neglected and forced to do all your older sibling’s stuff wearing only hand-me-downs – blah, blah, blah.  What us middle children know is that while the oldest was being carted around to six million activities and pushed too hard and the youngest was being drug along to all those activities what really sucked was being the middle that your parents’ FORGOT AT HOME.

Don’t worry, I’m saving up for a therapist.

Back to my training, or lack of training.  I finally ran out of self-pity and did something I don’t do well at all – I asked for help.  Having been a tri coach and before that a personal trainer and before that a swim coach for many many moons it’s hard to believe I have never had a coach.  I never felt like I was ready to train at the level that in my mind deserved a coach.  I also assumed that I always know what’s best for me.


Turns out I am fantastic at what’s best for other people but don’t really seem to do the whole ‘what I need to be doing well’ thing very good at all.  I’m sure I can blame it on my parents or my older and younger siblings somehow but I’ll again leave that to the therapist I will one day hire.

For now, let me tell you about my coach.  I am pretty vulnerable and fragile about this whole out of shape thing.  That’s what happens when a most of your life is spent coaching or working with athletes.  Or when you’re the middle child, but I digress.  I knew I needed a coach that I could really, really trust.  Trust for two reasons:  first, I needed someone that I know is building me up and not judging the fitness I don’t have, second, I needed to trust that  my coach would tell it to me straight and kick me in the pants when I’m being whinny and making excuses.

So, I called Carole.  She is the one person I trust to put me back together.  I also know she’s an only child so I figure she’s got just as many issues as me : )  I’m really excited about this new adventure in training which will include a yoga class each week with my sweet daughter.   Great things are on the horizon, I can feel it!!

Perpetual Surprises

7 07 2010

Every time I think I know what to expect from my children they up and change, leaving me scratching my head in wonder.  I was sure on our 5th summer of swimming (with 3 years of winter swimming as well) I knew how and what my children would do.

My son has always been more driven in the water.  He also has always had a very nice feel for the water, able to do legal butterfly at the ripe age of 5.  Imagine my shock, and slight disappointment when he began the season by adding 10 (count them 10) seconds onto his 25 free – the event he won overall at champs last year.   Then we get to the fly.  Ugh.  Not legal, or pretty like usual.  And then there’s the practice effort.  He is much more interested in flipping around, floating, poking at friends . . .  and on and on – than in actually, you know – practicing.  Finally last night he lit a little fire in his swimming and put a little effort in.  Not in fly or freestyle – his favorite strokes for the last 3 years of swimming – instead in breaststroke and backstroke.    Wha?

That brings us to my 10 year old daughter.  She has never had that competitive drive that makes you a workhorse in practice and a speed demon in the water.  And yet, she has always loved swimming and so long ago I gave up pushing her with the fast, fast, fast mentality and instead has just encouraged the swimmer in her.  Until this season, where she all of a sudden can swim fly legally it turns out – and has won the 25 breaststroke (always her best stroke) at each and every meet, and knocked like 7 sec. off her 50 free.  All of a sudden my sweet swim for fun girl wants to get better.  Thankfully she is still happy to  compete within herself – not obsessed with the need to win, win, win.  Instead she is great at working on her time goals and making changes in her stroke to make her strokes better and faster.

And so  now the coach in me, and the mom in me will continue to adjust my expectations and try very hard not to create a min-me, so competitive that it, at times – takes the fun out of things.  (all my friends reading this are nodding their heads, I know!!)

Fun Running

16 07 2008

For all those that I coached this morning – stop reading now!!! I am about to take sadistic pleasure in your pain!!!
Had two run training sessions this morning. All that riding yesterday has left me with a really sore hip so I wasn’t able to do any speedwork today. Instead I made R. do sprints alone while I jogged along at my happy little pace!
Then I met my group of ladies that are training together and introduced them for the first time to speedwork Kati style. Again, I didn’t exactly do any speedwork myself (thus the 9 m.m. avg. for the race at Montclair) but instead took great pleasure in inflicting pain, oops I mean improving their running!
While at the pool last night doing a training session I ran into someone from my mother daughter training group doing her workouts (WTG!!). Got me to thinking, at any given time there are people all over town cussing my name (in a loving way I am sure) for the hideous but self-improving things I force them to do.