My New (big) Wheels

3 10 2012

My new bike “Little Blue”

I won’t do the lengthy “why I haven’t blogged in forever” post.  I’ve been busy, something had to give.

Not that I’m not still busy – it’s just that now I’m so busy I need to do a little work avoidance so voila – a new blog post!

A few weeks ago my mountain bike got stolen.  Yes, again.  It was locked and tucked safely in my car port.  Or not so much safely.  But lock cut, two bikes stolen, angry words and maybe throwing a few things – you get the picture.  Thankfully we had homeowners insurance so I went bike shopping.

Honestly I find bike shopping exhausting.  So many choices and every time I decided on a bike I’d find a slew of “don’t buy that bike, it’s horrible” reviews.  There was the Women’s Specific vs. ‘regular’ debate.  Then I had to tackle the 29’er vs. 26 in. debate.  All of this at least provided me a few hours of work avoidance.

Finally I was just exhausted from the hunt so I started calling bike shops.  I found a delightful shop in Winchester, Black Bar Bicycles.  I had narrowed it down to a few brands and they happened to carry one of them.  The gentleman that helped me suggested a whole other brand I had never heard of.   I ordered my bike over the phone sight unseen.  I loved what I read about the bike and for the money it was heads and tails above the other stuff I was considering.

I’m a sucker for good marketing and the slogan right on the front page of the KHS site is Find Yourself . . . . . . . On a KHS.  As I recover from a really hard work year and approach the big 4-0 (less than 2 months away) and I even maybe get myself back into racing I am so excited to Find Myself again.


Le Tour

2 07 2011

It’s that time of year again.  One of my favorites, TOUR TIME!  I’m not usually a big sports on TV kinda gal, but when it comes to watching the Tour de France, I will average 2 hours a day of sports tv time.

In honor of the Tour I’m preparing to introduce the newest member of our family, M’Ali.  She’s at the shop awaiting a little work (new crank and seat post and aerobar cutting) but soon she will be home and we will become one.  I named her M’Ali after her colors, which also go well with the Tour.  Here’s what she will look like when she’s ready:

I was going to name her Bumble bee, but that just wasn’t working for me, and I kept coming back to “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”  Except there was no butterfly.  Or is there?  I had to chuckle when I realized my saddle is a Terry Butterfly saddle.  I will literally be floating (on) like a butterfly and hopefully once M’Ali and I bond a whole lot I’ll be stinging like a bee!

Decisions, Decisions!!

30 05 2011

I sold my tri bike this weekend.  I’m sad.  It was pretty and pink.  But it is time to upgrade to a team Kestrel and I’m excited about a new budding friendship with my new bike.  Yes, I have a relationship with my bikes.  This is who I am.

So, the big debate right now is which bike to get.  Fit-wise the Airfoil will fit me best.  BUT, I’m just not sure if I”m a yellow gal.  I know I’m a pink girl, and after almost 2 years on Team Trakkers I’m even a green girl (you can tell by my new blog format!)  but I just don’t know about yellow.

My other option is the 4000.  In the smaller bike the specs on the 4000 doesn’t suit my body type as well.  But, I like the blue better.  But I know a lot of folks that are riding this bike so that means 1.  It’s a great bike and 2.  There are more of those out there.  I kind of like riding a different bike.

So, what to do, what to do!!  Mr. TriBirdie (who is one of the masterminds behind All3Sports) said he can get fit me on the 4000 if that’s the direction I want to go.  I just CAN’T DECIDE!!  So, give me your thoughts and insights!!  I’m so excited to get onto my new bike and start ramping up my training, but I know this is going to be my bike for a LOOOONG time so I want to make sure I make the right decision.  HELP!

Mad, Mad, Mad

25 07 2010

I am beyond angry!  Today I took my first beautiful and adventurous step towards mountain biking.  I had an old Schwinn Frontier that I had purchased used many years ago.  It was my first bike.  It was old and rusty and somewhat crappy, but it worked until I had the funds and the time to get a real mountain bike.

I will pause my anger for a moment to say how very, very much I loved mountain biking.  I had been off road before, but never on  a real single track mountain bike trail.  I am fairly conservative and don’t like being out of control, but by the second loop I was riding right over big rocks, albeit slowly!

I was arriving back home after a grocery store trip while talking to my husband on the phone.

Paul:  “What’s the plan for the week?
Me:  “Well, not much but we are going to go out every morning for a mountain bike ride”

Paul:  I don’t really remember what he said here, because as I got out of the car I noticed my pretty (o-k, kinda run down) Schwinn is NOT where I left it.


Paul:  “No”

Me:  Mother BLEEEP > > >This continues on for about 5 min.

Yep, somebody walked into our carport and stole my bike!!  It is usually locked to a flimsy railing, by no means burgler proof, but I guess that has been enough to deter – up until now.  Some ass hat stole my bike!!

I guess here I should foolishly mention that Paul had his old Schwinn stolen from our side yard a year ago – but that bike didn’t even work.  This was MY bike!!  I should be relieved that now I get to get a new bike, but all I can feel is fury.  I gotta tell you, if I see that ASSHAT riding my bike in town you bet your ass I’m going to tackle the ASSHAT and take my bike back!!!!

Name her . . ..

25 09 2008

So while the rest of the country is in financial turmoil and ruin I felt it my duty to continue spending and help the enconomy grow. (or I just really, really wanted it) Here is my new pride and joy which is currently being built by Just the Right Gear – the greatest bike shop! Problem is I need a name for her. Abby suggested Bella, which I like but I am still shopping names, so give me some good ideas!!