My Coach

29 02 2012

So I have been working with the wonderful Carole Sharpless for a month now.  My workouts are awesome, I am getting back into a routine and *gasp* running is getting easier.  She is a rockstar.

Here is the really important thing she is doing for me.

Poor Carole, she never knew signing up to coach me that she would end up as a middle aged African-American nanny did she?

It seems that my self confidence *might* have taken a bit of a beating over last year or so.  In an amazingly kind, yet ass kicking email Carole informed me that I am mean to myself.   She called me out for things that I was doing that I didn’t even see, but she also called me out because I have a 12 year old daughter that can see my actions and can hear my words.

So, for Lent I did not give up Chocolate or candy or coffee.  I gave up negative self talk.   No more talk about how slow my run is or how big my butt is.  For this Lenten season instead I am seeing my run as improving and my body as a gift from God.    And daily I will give thanks for those things, and for my wonderful friend and coach who reminded me that who I am isn’t just good enough, it’s great.



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29 02 2012

Love this. Such a good reminder to all of us who sometimes get sucked into the negative self-talk. Thank you Kati and thank you Carole!

And, finally, if I’ve ever learned anything: embrace the booty! 🙂

29 02 2012

I LOVE this. I need this too. I have times of complete strength and times of real dark thoughts–and that is SO cyclical. Proud of you for this! Tell me hoow it works out!

29 02 2012

OH kati….. this made me tear up.

1 03 2012

Do you think Carole hears each of us, patiently listens to us complain and then hangs up the phone and hits her head against the wall, wondering what the heck is wrong with all of us? 🙂

I’m at the same place you are Kati… and CS and I just had a talk similar to yours I’m sure. It’s hard to be your own worst critic and I think it affects those around us. I love what you gave up for Lent… I did something very similar and am working on it. Probably the hardest task I’ll have all year.

Sending you a big ((hug)) – you are awesome… remember that!

2 03 2012

Great post, Kati, and something we should all make a point of remembering. I hope you find that giving up negative self-talk becomes way more than a lenten sacrifice, but a way of life!!

4 03 2012
Jill Poon (@tribirdie)

AWESOME just so perfectly AWESOME. What a wonderful thing to do! For yourself AND your daughter! Love it! and thank goodness for Carole; she is amazing!!

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