Growing Young

21 02 2012

So, since I sold the minivan a great deal of my time the last two weeks has been spent looking for a new car.  There are way too many options out there.   What I did know is that I was done with this:

PS – no duct tape, but man that van was well used on the inside!

After lots and lots of research we decided on the Subaru Impreza Hatchback.  It’s so not a minivan.  Best feature:  36 mpg highway!  Second best feature:  All Wheel Drive!!  We pick up our beauty this weekend and I’m down right giddy!

I was reading some of the reviews today (yes, we have already decided but since the car is 2 hours away I can’t go stare at it so I stalk it online) and learned that the target audience for the Impreza is the just our of college crowd.  They called it “my first grown up car that’s not really grown up.”   So, I’m take that as a sign that I am young at heart and can’t wait to park in all the compact parking spots!



3 responses

21 02 2012

love subaru!

23 02 2012
Tri Madness

Cute car!

23 02 2012

Love subarus. Definitely going to be my next car.

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