I Accidentally Sold Our Minivan

14 02 2012

How do you accidently sell a car?
You start talking with your spouse about *maybe* buying a more fuel efficient car. (I spent over $100 in gas LAST WEEK!)
Next you say do yourself maybe I should listed on craigslist and see what happens.
Then of course someone immediately wants to buy it.
Finally you have to break it to your spouse that you’re getting a new car.  Oh yeah, now.
Oh yeah but first you actually have to find the right new car.  This is much more difficult than I would have imagined.



6 responses

14 02 2012


14 02 2012

Improbably shouldn’t laugh but that’s kinda funny… And sounds like an AWESOME practical joke.

15 02 2012
Heather O

I need to remember that for the future!

15 02 2012

Um, I read this yesterday on my phone and had CRAZY dreams last night about trying to sell my car!!!!

16 02 2012

Did they include selling yours before you have one to replace it? Eek, that’s the bad dream I seem to be living : )

19 02 2012

That’s awesome. No time to reconsider! 🙂

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