The Yes, I actually said that post.

2 02 2012

Before I tell you my story I must first give you a few facts:

This will be my third season working for REV3.  It will also be my third season racing on their age group team.

Because I have been to all but 1 REV3 race (that’s EVER) I have a LOT of REV3 shirts.  Even when I’m working I grab a leftover finisher shirt if they have them, I just love these shirts and I always get stopped with questions about my cool shirt.  I like this because 1.  I am an attention hog.  2.  It promotes REV3.

Even my kids have REV3 shirts, my husband has REV3 shirts – if there were a dog REV3 shirt Bodhi would wear it.

So, we are geared out.  Got it?  Get ready for a healthy does of stupid.

Ok, take a look at my very first REV3 finisher shirt and pay close attention to the R logo.

Dinner at CoachKati’s last night, Mr. Coach was wearing one of his REV3 shirts:

A:  Hey Daddy, look those lines inside the R make a 3, like for REV3

E:  Duh, we have talked about that at dinner before.

Mr. Coach:  Still laughing

This went on for a few min, at which point I looked down at the REV3 shirt I was wearing at the time and admitted:

“Um, I never noticed that before.  Seriously, ever.”

I think it took Mr. Coach about 2.5 seconds before he was on the phone texting Charlie (my boss) to relay the story.

There you have it, a wonderful CoachKati blonde moment of the year.   (I guess in this case a brunette moment because I’m a brunette!)



7 responses

2 02 2012

…I still don’t see a 3…at all… The black part inside the space above the R’s ‘legs’? This is embarrassing…

2 02 2012

Joshua.. you are kidding right? Oh Kati!

3 02 2012

haha! I took me a few minutes – But I see it as well! Tricky shirt!!

3 02 2012

No LM…I’m not kidding. The black part, to me, looks like Pac-Mac about to have one of those little alien tongue things (From ‘Alien’) shoot out… My imagination is fun

3 02 2012

It took a minute but I TOTALLY saw it.

I hope to rack up some of these shirts myself =)

6 02 2012
Donna D (@donna_de)

I’ve always thought of that bit as “the anti-M-dot”!

15 02 2012
Tri Madness

Funny, funny post. It took me a while to see the “3” as well, but I totally see it every time I look a the logo now. And I love the “anti-M-Dot” comment. It’s the R3!

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