Stretching the Leash

7 01 2012

With all of my son’s struggles with school this year we decided he really needed some success right now.  For the last two years he has begged to join the ski team at our local ski resort.  Because it is a big commimtment, both finanial and time, we resisted.  This year we bit the bullet and let him join.

The fees and cost of skis hurt, but what has come out of ski team has been beautiful.  E is up at the crack of dawn so excited to get to practice.  His coaches say he is working hard and making great improvements. His big goal is to move up to the race team, my big goal for him is that he continues to find joy and success all season.   Today at ski practice I realized we have found more success than just skiing down the hill.

I was reading a wonderful blog post 25 Rules s for Mothers of Sons  and the last one really spoke to me.  Be his home.  I haven’t had a lot of chances to let E roam free.  We have never lived in a neighborhood where he can just go out and roam free.  Hard to be his home when he never leaves!  When we arrived for E`s first ski team practice he asked if he could go for a run on his own before practice.   ON HIS OWN!!  ACK!

Watching my 9 year old go up on the lift by himself and waiting while he skied down on his own almost killed me.  We both survived.  Now I let him take a few runs each time before practice and sit in the lodge and smile.   I am his homebase and he can go out on the mountain and explore.  I love the new freedom for him and a even love the new freedom for me!

I know as he gets older he will venture further from home , but for now a few miles on the ski slopes of far enough!




3 responses

8 01 2012

Sniff Sniff, can’t believe he is growing up so fast!!

10 01 2012
Drop In Pool

I am totally agree with you Ruthie.
Thanks for post.

19 01 2012

Aw… Kati, I’m sure this is huge for BOTH of you! 🙂 YAY

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