REV3 Run Across America

6 01 2012

As if I needed another reason to brag about the company I work for . . . .

Our charity partner, The Ulman Cancer Fund found themselves in need of $100,000 to fund their patient navigation program.  Please, please take a look at the Ulman website.  They do amazing things for young adults with cancer.  I have worked with the staff of the Ulman fund for the last two years timing their race (Half Full Tri) and all I can say is WOW.

The staff at REV3 decided they wanted to raise money and awareness for Ulman.  Why go small when you can run for 15 miles a day for 21 days?   10 members of the REV3 staff will be running ACROSS the whole COUNTRY!!

I can’t join them for 21 days, but Paul and I will be ATLEAST finishing the run from the ‘Burg to MD with them.  I also plan to run each and every day that they are running.  21 days.  Want to run too?  Check out the map above (if you click on the map it will take you to the site!) and find some days to come run along or be a relief runner.  Can’t travel?   Run virtually!  We will be challenging tri and running groups to log their miles to compete for prizes.  Can’t run (or even if you can!!!) – DONATE!




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6 01 2012

Yay for Rev 3. Awesome 🙂

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