Looking Forward . . .

1 01 2012

It’s a new year so of course it’s time for one of those nostalgic looking back or inspiring gung ho full speed ahead posts.

Looking back 2011 has been a hard year.  Struggles (but victories too) with schooling for E, surgery for me, illness after illness after illness for me, tons of travel – you name it, it got in the way of me training.  And yet.  I am blessed that I have an amazing family that supported me and dealt with all the bumps in the road with me.  I think we begin 2012 as a stronger, closer family.

Now we move onto the looking forward part.  As always I am seeking balance this year.  I want to find the time to be a great mom, maintain a wonderful relationship with my husband, support and enjoy my many wonderful friends and family and train for a few races all while I double (or even triple) my work load.   EEK!

The beauty is that I love my work, my family supports me in doing said work and I work with a fabulous group of people that I also count as my second family.  I’m so excited to help grow the timing side of the REV3 family.   If all goes well 2012 will have us running around like crazy timing races almost every weekend!

Off for a run – I have a little half marathon coming up!




2 responses

2 01 2012
Tri Madness

Happy New Year! It’s sure to be a good one!

5 01 2012
Pamela McGowan (@pachladis)

Hope you have a stellar 2012 lady! Sounds like you deserve it afterall those struggles.

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