Best. Googles. EVER.

9 12 2011

Funny little story.  I placed an order with TYR for all kinds of goodies for Christmas for the family.  They are very generous to our team so I am happy to support them.   Two days after my order arrived another TYR box showed up on my doorstep.  I was giddy, TWO free pairs of goggles!  Best of all, they are new goggles that aren’t even on the market yet.

I have to admit here that I was feeling pretty special that our team was given their new goggles to try out before they are out on the market.  Oh yeah, then I looked on the website and saw that everyone that orders over $100 gets a free pair of the goggles.   Yes, I did spend a bit to get 2 free pairs.   So I guess I’m not as special as I thought but no joke, these goggles are.

The first thing I thought when I pulled them out is how soft the gasket was.  Not hard plastic (that leaves lovely dents in my face) but a soft rubber.  (the package does say that they are free of latex)  They are also anti-fogging.  I haven’t worn them enough to substantiate that claim but for my one whopping swim they didn’t fog!

Why I love these goggles:

-Did I mention they are soft?  Not leaks all the time soft,  not covers half your face soft – they are just comfortable.     Really, really, really comfortable!!

-Wide lens:   They didn’t seem huge when I was wearing them but they have a nice wide lens so you get really great peripheral vision which is great in the open water.

-Clear vision:  Everything was nice and crisp in these.  I like being able to see when I swim.

-Great fit:  These fit my face perfectly.  I like a lower profile goggle, prior to these I wore the Nest Pro goggle.   If you don’t like a low profile I suspect these won’t be the goggles for you.

The cons:

-The only thing I didn’t like about these were the color.  The metallic is just so dark when worn inside.  I hope when they come out for sale they will offer them in clear or a light lens.  That’s really it.  I loved everything else!  I’ll post when these come up for sale, in the mean time go buy all the swimmers in your life some gear at TYR and get some free goggles!!




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