Leave it to Sesame Street . . .

28 11 2011

Well, I’ve been around officially now for 39 years.  There has been a lot of great in those years, I’ve seen my fair share of sorrow and pain and I’m sure I’ve created enough drama already to last a lifetime.

Because of the last year (surgery, recovery, slow recovery, hormone upheaval, slower recovery . . . you get the gist) this year seems like the big one to me.  I guess next year (the big 4-0) is supposed to be the BIG birthday, but instead of dreading turning 40 (I think since a lot of my friends and Paul have already turned 40 it just doesn’t seem all that bad), I’m going to embrace my journey to 40.

I have some big things I want to accomplish.  Since I’ve already done the Ironman thing I’m not going that route.  Here are a few of my to-do’s, and I’m keeping a few to myself.  Through it all I’ll keep singing the great song my friend Debbie posted by Will.i.am – What I am.

1.  I want to conquer the trails!  I got a pair of pedals and shoes for my mountain bike for my birthday so I’d like to feel confident on my mountain bike.  When I tackle the big Xterra race I want to not suck at it ; )

2.  I want my body back.  I’ve gotten squishy and floppy.  I don’t like it.  This might be a vain one but I don’t care.   I’m going to get my hormones under control, I’m back in my workout routine and damnit, I’m getting my Ironman body back.

3.  I want to find more to do with my daughter.  As my sweet girl enters the teen years it seems we do less and less together.  As my son hits pre-teen I am finding more and more to do with him.    This year I want to find more in common with my daughter and work really hard on keeping the communication open.

4.  I want to race a half ironman again.  Not just survive or finish, I want to feel fast.

5.  I want to be sitting on a beach or somewhere tropical sipping a drink next to the love of my life on my 40th birthday celebrating 15 years of wedded bliss and 40 years of a life well lived.  I tucked away my birthday money from this year and it started the official 40th celebration fund!  Let the cyber deal stalking begin!!




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29 11 2011

happy birthday! i love this video and am stealing it for my blog. go easy on yourself and enjoy!! you are a strong woman and can do whatever you set out to do.

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