Not as bad as I thought . . .

10 11 2011

I have been dreading the horribly painful T-pace testing in the pool for the last few weeks.  I knew I had to do it, it’s how I write my swim workouts AND how I measure my progress in the water, but MAN I did not want to hurt that much for 900.  Truth be told I wasn’t sure if I was physically able to push hard for a full 3 x 300 yet.

I’ve been getting back into my swim groove over the last month and a half but took a week and a half of that off because of a death in the family so I would hardly say I’ve been regular with my swims.  After a grouchy morning I knew what needed to be done, 900 yards of OUCH.   When I am in good swim shape my t-pace hovers around 4:20- 4:25.  The last time I’ve seen for my 300 was close to 5:00 so I was calling this my ‘beginning’ t-pace.

It wasn’t as bad as I expected, but it wasn’t pretty.  I managed a 4:39, 4:46 and 4:46.  My goal is to be back down to atleast 4:30 by Jan. 1 and by the beginning of the season I’d like to be back in the low 20’s.

It’s a start . . . .

Want to check your t-pace?  Here are two ways:

For a longer distance swimmer, warm up well (atleast 10 min.) then do 3 x 300 with :30 rest – your 300’s should be all out, but need to be within :15 of each other.  Take the average time for all three and there you have your t-pace time.

For a shorter distance or newer swimmer use the 3 x 100 with :20 rest test.  Still take the average time for all three, and they should all be within :15 of each other.

Just as an FYI – if this set doesn’t hurt, you’re not doing it right!




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11 11 2011
Tri Madness

You know, part of me really hates going for a t-time (be it swim, bike or run). But it’s the swim that I dread the most. Probably because I’m not the best swimmer in the world.

And if you’ve only been swimming back for a month or so, seems like those times aren’t too bad! (I’d be pretty happy myself).

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