It’s about that time . . .

8 11 2011

I need to get two things done this week (well, I really need to get about a bazillion things done this week, but there are two biggies that I am working on.)

First, I need a schedule.  I have started back on my p90x for the offseason and I love it (although I can’t pick things up off the ground without going OOOF)!  I am swimming twice a week now that I have a wonderful training buddy, but I need to actually plan out my running so that I can (gasp) do a half marathon in Feb.  My whole “la-de-dah, run when I feel like it” attitude isn’t advancing my running fitness – AT ALL!  Go figure!

Next to go along with my training plan I need a race schedule!  Since my 2011 race schedule was a flop I’m ready to commit and find a few races that I’m excited about.  Right now I only have one definitely doing race on my schedule (REV3 Wisconsin Dells ) and that’s not until August so I need a few hours to search the net and plan the year with my hubby!

Come back in a day or two and *hopefully* my 2011 Race Schedule page will be a 2012 Race Schedule page!




One response

8 11 2011

ha ha yeah, I had to do the same thing to mine, but it was hard planning for some reason…and I need that for my training schedule! Happy planning!

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