Toilet Paper Tax

4 11 2011

Things have been pretty heavy in our household lately so I thought I would lighten things up a bit and take a moment to comment on a subject that’s near and dear to all of us.  Toilet paper.

If you don’t want to know more about my pee, go ahead and skip this post.  It’s ok, I won’t be offended.

I’ve had two children and pelvic surgery so I am pretty much guaranteed to need to make a potty stop every where I go.  I could comment on the cleanliness and quality of toilets all over the US.  Department stores, rest stops, gas stations – you name it, I’ve peed there.

Let me also stop to comment I have other public bathroom issues.  I hate to go and just use a bathroom in a store or gas station.  In a gas station I have to atleast buy a pack of gum.  Yes, I have uses.  Moving on.

Back to the toilet paper.  I suggest that stores impose a one to two cent tax on everything to cover better toilet paper.  Toilet paper that doesn’t disintegrate on contact with, um – liquids.   I figure if everyone pays a penny on everything they won’t notice the cost AND I won’t get pee all over my hands.





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