The Brown Truck Fairy

31 10 2011

I have some serious ordering to do.  I am  (GASP!) almost out of all my EFS and I am all the way out of my Ultragen.  I love my First Endurance goodies, especially once trainer season hits (with snow this past weekend I’d say it’s here) – I’ll get a bottle of EFS ready the night before and wake up, hop on the trainer and the EFS gets me through w/o needing breakfast before my workout.  This might not be, metabolically speaking, the correct way to do things but I need fuel in the am before or during a workout so it works for me.

Since I’ve vowed to get my running back on track this winter I’m planning on needing my Ultragen to recover from my long runs.  I envy those that can just pop down a chocolate milk as a recovery drink – my stomach would be UNhappy if I did that.  Instead I’ll stick to what I know and have my cappuccino flavored Ultragen shake.

I actually had to buy coffee beans from the store yesterday.  I’m not sure how  I let my 25 bags of coffee directly from Costa Rica run out but – ack, I did.  Since the next REV3 Costa Rica race isn’t until March I’d better get on the net and put in my next 25 bag order!!

It’s also time to put in my order for my Tri-Swim goodies.  I have been keeping up with my atleast 2 swims a week for a few weeks and since I actually got my hair colored at a real salon (gray hair, what gray hair?) I have to be very good to my curly locks!!

Off topic, but it’s also winter boot time.  It seems these darn kids keep growing so I keep having to buy them new boots!  Since E will be doing the ski team this year he needs good tromp through snow boots and I learned the hard way if you wit until Dec. you will find every size but the one you actually need.




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3 11 2011
Tri Madness

You and I are in the same place! I just placed a big order with First Endurance – I was completely out of liquid shot! I also need more Tri-Swim products!

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