There’s no excuse . . .

26 10 2011

As we were doing a family mountain bike ride on Monday evening at the park .03 miles from our house it dawned on me that there is absolutely no excuse for me not to be getting wonderful creative outdoor workouts done every single nice weather day.  Being the awesome artist that I am I drew a map of all the fantastic outdoor resources that are literally less than a mile from my house:

As you can imagine, our trees are pretty amazing to be included in my picture.

The swimming pool is actually both an indoor and outdoor pool.  The parks both have great trails – the one next adjacent to the pool just hosted a cyclocross event that was great fun to watch!  Even better is that you can still ride the course which has provided our family with some fun free entertainment.   The park on the left of the picture has a pretty involved trail system.

My son loves to get on the trails and ride but I must admit that he is a wee bit better at mountain biking than me since is isn’t afraid of falling, running into trees and other silly things like rocks.  Our rides usually involve him shouting at me “MOM, can I just go ahead of you?”  He is now angling for a BMX bike because the cool park with the trails also has a “pump track” which is hard to ride on a big mountain bike.  Since we just invested in skis for his first year on the Massanutten Ski Team he’s on his own for buying a BMX bike.  Also with 8 bikes in the house we are completely out of space to house even one more bike.

Mountain bike trails


E riding the pump track

P and E riding the cyclocross race course




7 responses

26 10 2011

OMG I so hear you on … really.. no more room for more bikes. One comes in… one goes out! 🙂 ha ha Looks very beautiful and I hear ya.. not excuses…

26 10 2011
Kelly Covert (@TrimommyKelly)

Wow! You are right!1 No excuses! Get out there and play!

26 10 2011

Look at E, super stud on his bike!!! So glad that he is enjoying that, and doing so well!! I can totally see him wanting to pass you! 🙂

27 10 2011

I wish we had just one of those options near by! 🙂 Enjoy it!!!

27 10 2011

You’re a regular Van Gogh! Who knew? 🙂 I know you will get outside and enjoy the gorgeous fall weather! The area in which you live sounds perfect!! Love that your family does so many acitivites together

28 10 2011
Jill Poon (@tribirdie)

That is awesome!! 😀 Love the pictures!

28 10 2011

Who knew you were such an artist!

Totally jealous that you have a pool super close BTW. Mine is such a PITA to get to.

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