Naked Running

17 10 2011

I can’t wait to see the searches for this blog post!  I am sure I could have used a more accurate post like, running tech-less or running without time but really, isn’t naked more fun?!

I am still really, really, really struggling to get back into running after a year and a half off.  I get a run or two in, then sick kids, sick me, work travel . . . (insert lame excuse here) throw me off for a week or two and I’m back to square zero.  This way each and every run feels painfully slow and depressing, like a 3 – 4 mile reminder of all the fitness I have lost.  Woe is me.

So I’m throwing away the watches, garmins, timex trainers – all that techno crap that tells me how slow I’m running and I’m just going to run for a few weeks.  How long will I be running?  Who the heck knows!  I’m not going to look at my mile splits, I’m  not going to compare paces to past runs – I’m just going to run and in a month I’ll take a look at what I’ve accomplished.  For now I’m just going to enjoy the fact that I CAN run, the beautiful fall weather and sometimes the company of my daughter, a good friend or my hubby.




9 responses

17 10 2011
Jill Poon (@tribirdie)

Sounds like a great plan to me!! 😀

17 10 2011
Mark Shank

You mean run for the health of it?

17 10 2011

That made me laugh Mark!

17 10 2011

I’ve been running naked since August. It helps…

18 10 2011
Ed C

Not quite the subject I was expecting!

18 10 2011

I’ve written a few blogs about running and racing naked! Always wonder what kind of creeps read it! 🙂

I love it though… seriously, it’s the most stress free way to run. I think you’ll really enjoy the freedom! Good luck!!!

20 10 2011
Tri Madness

I’ll bet you’ll have tons and tons of hits on this post. Would have been even funnier if you could have found some PG-13 picture to put up there too 🙂

I have to take it in baby steps. I’ve stopped running w/ an iPod (which was pretty difficult at first). Not sure I’m ready to give up running with a laptop on my wrist. 🙂

24 10 2011

Good luck Kati! Just get out there and get it done. Even short quick runs in between other “life stuff” can help the cause and get you back on track.

25 10 2011

I love it! I don’t like data, personally!

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