A Tough Week

5 10 2011

It’s been a bit of a rough week.  Don’t worry, this won’t be a whiny woe is me post, but it will be a “Oh my Fricking Goodnees what the F am I going to do?!” post.  So if you don’t like those it’s o-k to stop reading here.

Tuesday when my daughter (12) got dressed up for her orthodontist appointment I asked her why the skirt.  Her reply, “It’s my good news outfit.”  After the Monday she had I couldn’t blame her.

A has had 5 sets of tubes.  She has dysfunctional Eustachian tubes, yes we have tried literally everything.  This ENT visit her doctor said she has formed a Retraction Pocket and is on her way to serious hearing loss.  Hmmm, maybe that’s why my straight A student was missing homework in most of her progress reports?  She can’t hear and is walking around with chronic ear pain.  I sent out an email to her teachers and right away got a response from her math teacher.  My (again) usual straight A student had gotten a D on her math test that day on material that her teacher said she knows.  Thank goodness for good teachers, she is allowing her to do a retest on Monday.

I’m pretty much freaking out about this one.  Her doctor has her doing valsalva maneuvers 5 – 7 x per day and we are going back in a couple weeks to see what’s next.  Most likely more tubes, maybe cartilage reinforcement of the ear drum.   That will be number 6.

Then we have my sweet boy.  For 3 years I have screamed to anyone that will listen that my son is dyslexic.  Finally this summer they tested and him, he’s too smart to be dyslexic.  He also has a wonderful teacher this year that is working very hard with him but it seems like too little too late.  C’s and D’s are coming home and he is really frustrated.  Like heartbreaking for a mom frustrated.

I have nothing but good things to say about his teacher and all that she is doing but damnit she shouldn’t have to make up for 3 years of ignoring the problem in one year.

Today I feel like jumping in the camper with my kiddos and running away, parenting is hard.




4 responses

5 10 2011

That’s no good on either account. I used to get an ear infection when I was younger every month and that was annoying; I can hardly imagine what your daughter is feeling. My little brother has dyslexia, and he’s doing the math work his 2year-older brother is doing with his eyes closed. Most people with dyslexia are really smart, like “I work for NASA” smart. Everything will fall into place in time. Until then, I’ll pray for patience.

I’ll see you in SC!!

5 10 2011

😦 I know what wonderful parents you and Paul are, and can’t imagine how frustrating this is. Sending you lots of love.

5 10 2011
Kelly Covert (@TrimommyKelly)

Oh, Katie. My heart goes out to you and your kids. So frustrating to be have something so important be so out of your control. My prayers are with you guys.

5 10 2011
Jill Poon (@tribirdie)

Oh wow I am bummed for you guys. Poor A 😦 although I love the optimism of a “good news” outfit! Sending you all tons of hugs and positive thoughts!! Hold each other close and believe in the strength of your family. Thinking of you guys!

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