The season that wasn’t . . .

18 09 2011

Wow, here I am at the end of the 2011 tri season with only 1 incomplete race, um completed.  A hysterectomy in April knocked out my whole season.  I have pouted and stomped around about it long enough, now I’m ready to just accept that I need longer than 4 months to heal and look forward to next year.

My one accomplishment for the year is that I attended EVERY SINGLE REV3 race they did this year!  (For those of you in the know, not even Charlie was at all the races, but Eric, our amazing race director, was there at all of them too!)  Since they are adding on 2 more races next summer AND I’ll actually be racing some next year I don’t think my race sweep will happen again so I’ll blow a little horn for myself and do a little dance : )

So, if you have ANY questions about ANY of the REV3 races, for this year at least, I’m your gal!

Photo by Eric Wynn




One response

19 09 2011
Megan Killian (@megankillian)

So good to see you at CP.

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