On Hold

2 09 2011

You know when you are on the phone and on hold (for – EVER) how you go through stages, almost similar to grief?  Here are mine:

1.  Disillusionment – “I am sure they aren’t correct when they say the estimated wait time is 28 min.!”

2.  Bargaining – “I’ll stay on hold until I get home but then I’m hanging up.  Really.  Crap, well I’ll stay on hold until I get all the groceries inside but then I’m really hanging up!”

3.  Acceptance – “This really is going to be my entire day, on hold, listening to this music.”

4.  Anger – “Holy S*#%!  I can’t believe they expect me to hold this long.  This is f*&%^*% unacceptable!  Get more call center help!  Have you seen my bill?  They can certainly afford it.  I’m staying on the line JUST so that I can give them a piece of my mind!!!”

5.  Confusion – “Hello, wait, is this a real person?  What am I calling about today?  Crap – I can’t remember now!”

Right now I feel like life is on hold in so many areas.

Exercise – I started having dizziness, shortness of breath and pain in my chest.  My workouts were for crap because I was so worn out.  Went to the doctor who did a o2 check and the other basics, along with an ekg.  All was normal.  Until she further looked at it and noticed I was having a “third heart beat” which she said can be normal and no problem.   Except I am having them all the time and it’s kicking my ass.  So we are doing further testing and checking a few things out.  In the mean time – exercise on hold.  I’m currently in my anger stage.  All the runners and cyclist that run and ride by my house every day are lucky I haven’t started throwing things at them.

Dyslexia – After the absurd meeting with my son’s school I took his test results to a friend that is a literacy coordinator at another local school.    Finally, finally, finally someone looked at his results and agreed with me that E has a processing disorder.  She said she didn’t think he ‘saw’ the letters based on his tests and looking at his writing.  I’ve never been so happy to hear that there is a problem with one of my kids.  She gave me some steps to start with but ultimately my meeting with his teacher today will determine how things are going to go this year.

We are still deciding if we will do independent testing to confirm a diagnosis of dyslexia.  My friend said that because the school has determined him ineligible for services us getting a private diagnosis won’t help our cause and we are best off working with his teacher and thankfully next year he will be at her school and she already has a course of action that we will take for intervention beginning next summer.   I guess I’m in the confusion stage with this because it’s been such a long fight to get E’s issues recognized, now that we’ve finally had some validation and confirmation that it is, in fact some form of dyslexia I’m left scrambling to figure out what’s next!




One response

2 09 2011

URGHHHHH for you!!!! I know you are super tough and will ride this out. Your 3rd HB sounds laike it causes similar issues as my “funky skip” beat does me! I am praying all the pieces fall into place soon 🙂

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