My Favorite race

25 08 2011

I love to hear about other races from people.  It’s so neat to hear the “that was the BEST race EVER) and choose races to do based on ones that others have just loved.  I realized this morning that except for the very first Quassy race I have attending EVERY REV3 race that has been put on.    A little more than half have been as a staffer, and one has even been as a spectator!

Knowing this you will not be surprised that my favorite race is a REV3 race.  I swear I don’t just love REV3 races because I get paid to be at some of them.   Well, that’s not exactly true.  Being a paid staffer lets you see the inside and out of the race.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Having seen all that – that is why I work for and race REV3.  When I sit in a staff meeting the Friday night before a race and hear the owner of the company tell the staff, “Yes, this IS all about the racers and I expect all of you to make this race fabulous for THEM.”  That tells me that when it comes time to spend my own money to race, that’s who I’d rather give it to.  (The other choice is a big company that keeps quoting the average salary of a triathlete in every press release they put out.)

ANYWAY, my very favorite race of all time would have to be REV3 Knoxville.

After a PR at Knoxville 2010

I FLOVE that bike course and heard that the run course got even harder this year!  OUCH!  The venue is downtown Knoxville which is a beautiful town.  I love a river swim – there is something about moving water that makes me feel better.  The bike course is hilly, no doubt about that, but there is a nice flat section on the back part of the half course that gives your legs a little break.  The run I heard is hilly, last years run was rolling with a few hills but from what I heard they added the hurt into it this year.

I think my NEW favorite race will be REV3 Wisconsin after next August.  I’m all about water parks.  Seriously, my son is scared of roller coasters, but if you add water – he’ll ride anything.  The course looks nice and rolling, although I can’t find the elevation profile at this moment.  Did I mention that our family LOVES water parks and will spend a week camping in our NEW CAMPER while racing and water park riding?!  I’m clearly way too excited about this one!  Registration opens Sep. 1st for Wisconsin (and Cedar Point, SC and Maine) with an early bird discount for one week.

So, what is your favorite race?!





3 responses

25 08 2011

Oh man, I’m torn between Knoxville which was awesome, and the campground and roller coasters of Cedar Point! I’ll see you at the campsite September 11th!!!

25 08 2011

I don’t do many races over and over, but I have Knox on my schedule for next year because I enjoyed it SO MUCH in 2010 and was sad when it came up this year and I wasn’t there. 😦

28 08 2011

Quassy is my number one. No question.

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