REV3 Summer Tour 2013

18 08 2011

Now that we are in the process of getting our camper I am now thinking of fabulous trips we can take!  We had already decided to make the trip to Chicago last summer to visit family then trek to the NEW REV3 Wisconsin Dells HALFREV in August.  All in a cozy family camper!  That’s family together time at it’s finest right?!   There is a great looking state park right near the dells, Mirror Lake, where we plan on camping.

The bike and run course for the races look great – some good climbing which I like!  I’ve never been to Wisconsin, (or Chicago for that matter!) so I’m very excited to see a new area and cross off a few new states from the “visit all 50 states” for the kids.  Then all of a sudden REV3 goes and ups the ante and announces ANOTHER race, just 2 weeks later in Maine.

Now this has me thinking, if one week of family camping fun is great – how awesome would this trip be:

Here is the ideal itinerary:  Tues:  leave home for Chicago

Tues. pm late – arrive in Chicago

Wed. & Thurs – hang in Chicago w/ the family

Friday – leave for the Dells

Race all weekend

Tuesday:  Leave the Dells and drive back to Chicago

Thrusday:  Drive from Chicago to Cedar Point (also the site of a fabulous REV3 race)

Friday:  go to Cedar Point

Sat. – drive from Cedar Point to Maine, or as far as we could make it

Sunday – arrive at Old Orchard Beach, Maine – yet another state I’ve never been to!

Spend the week in Maine camping at one of the fabulous state parks there!

Race all weekend at REV3 Maine


get the heck back home after that!

The only snag to my plan is that the kids start school smack dab in the middle of my fun filled 3 week family vacation.  O-k, there are a few other snags too – but how fun would that trip be?!




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