What kind of Family are you?

15 08 2011

As our kids get older and we all continue to redefine our roles, goals and relationships Paul and I decided to sit down and look at what we want for / from our family as our kids approach the tween and teen years.  We have always been a sports oriented family, but in more of a global sense.  Our kids swim on the swim team, my 9 year old played basketball last year and my 12 year old ran cross country and track last year, but that’s it.  We ride bikes regularly as  a family.  We swim together often.  The kids even run with us every once and a while.  We aren’t the type of family to belong to a travel league of any sort.  We like to have our weekends free for family travel and other family activities.  (I am not knocking this type of team, just saying it’s not our thing!)

We decided we want to travel more as a family.  We loved, loved, loved our family time in Costa Rica.  When the four of us were away and just enjoying the simplicity of a week of board games, surfing and swinging in the hammock it was perfection.  As we looked at the type of travel we can afford and what we want to do it wasn’t exactly lining up : )  So, we decided to do what we have talked about doing for 13 years – we purchased a fantastic (new to us) travel trailer.

2007 Starcraft EXP 21 RHB - our new 'home away from home!'

We went with a small one, it has fold out beds like a pop up, but hard sides so that we get luxuries like a bathroom, AC and heat : )  This is for traveling to races (TRIPLE T is a fantastic camping trip), for family trips (Florida for Spring break?  yes please!) and some trips that will be both (REV3 Wisconson 2012 – family ROADTRIP!) We are so excited – we can’t wait to go pick it up!!   We have been stalking the state and national park websites planning our family travels near and far – we would love suggestions of ‘YOU MUST GO HERE’ places!





4 responses

15 08 2011
Jill Poon (@tribirdie)

It’s a like a dream come true!! Love it!! Alex and I haven’t always said we wanted to do the same with our guys! You all will have such good memories from these trips!! awesome awesome!

15 08 2011

This is SO COOL!!! I have always thought a camper for races would be perfect-no hotels costs, close to race site…your own bathroom pre race :). How fun!! Will you adopt me??

15 08 2011

My grandparents took me cross-country twice in a travel trailer. The badlands and Yosemite were by far my favorite spots. Enjoy!!!

15 08 2011

YAY!! Dan and I are planning on buying an RV when he gets back from deployment, WOO HOO!!!

RV/Camper Must do’s: Wildflower, Ragbrai, Triple T (like you said)… I’m interested to see what other events are suggested!

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