28 07 2011

I know most of the folks around have been on summer schedule for the last month and a half, but for the Coach Kati family summer began on Sunday.  Sure, we have been to the beach, the lake, San Antonio (and I’ve also been to Connecticut and Portland) – but so far our summer days have been fight or flight.  It’s either go, go, go or absolute lazy slugs.

I’m always amazed at how much two a day swim practices is able to rule the entire day.  Our morning practice is only from 7:30 – 8:30 am, but by the time you get ready, walk there, get equiptment out, coach practice, take lane lines out and walk home it’s actually 7 – 9.  Then there’s breakfast and an attempt to put the house together from the day before (or unpack from the previous trip) it’s time to start thinking about getting dinner before evening practice from 6 – 8:30.  (which again, really runs from 5:30 – 9 by the time you get ready, walk, pack up and walk home).

As much as swim team and our crazy travel schedule has ruled our summer I wouldn’t change any of it!  Our team is great and I just love our kids.  We won a meet this year for the first time in NINE years.  Yep, 9 years of losses.  There are 6 teams in our league.  At the end of the morning session at champs this year our team was in 4th place.  We finished up in 5th (not many older swimmers), but even that hadn’t happened in a LOOONG time so we were jumping for joy!

So here we are left with 4 weeks of summer.  I’m trying hard not to jam too much into the time, which would make the last 4 weeks much like the first.  The one thing I’ve managed to fit in is some workouts again!  Thank goodness!   At this point I’m pretty much starting from scratch – I’m in about as bad of shape as I’ve been in since about 2005.   OY!  But I’ll get back there, It’s good an humbling to have to work so hard to go slow I guess : )

Off to the track for a run and if we make it through the afternoon without a kiddo pooping in the pool I’ll even get a swim done this evening!  I miss my 2 a days!





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29 07 2011

Haha; pool poops… Sorry. It just reminds me of a movie. God luck getting back to training, and congrats to the swim team!

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