I love my jobs

9 06 2011

I have a couple of jobs – and I can honestly say I FLOVE each and every one of them.

My first job is mom.  I’m the get breakfast ready, pack lunches, go on field trips, home after school, cook dinner and supervise homework kind of mom.  My kiddos are amazing and they make the job wonderful. : )

My second job is as a coach.  I am the assistant coach for one of our local swim teams.  We are kind of the bad news bears, we haven’t won a meet in something like 7 years, but we are the most spirited, diverse and wonderfully loving team you will ever find.  And, our coaching staff is Ah-mazing.  Give us another year, we’ll be knocking down some of those Goliath teams.    I also coach triathletes.  How cool is it that I get to go run, bike and swim with inspiring and dedicated athletes.  Way cool.

My third job is as a timer for REV3.  I feel a little guilty that everyone was thanking me for volunteering this weekend at REV3 Quassy.  Truth is, they pay me for doing that job.  Hard to fathom because it’s such a fun job and it has everything I love wrapped into one: working w/ a great family (they are no longer a team, they really operate as a family), helping people, solving problems, talking to people and all this is about triathlon.  Seriously – how lucky am I?

First up, let me share a little about working with the REV3 family.  Here is the man behind the machine, Charlie:



What you need to know about Charlie is that he is one of the nicest and  most giving people in the world.   Charlie is a triathlete that thought there had to be a better race out there that put the athlete first.  So again and again if you are working a REV3 race you will hear that the athlete is our customer and the customer comes first.  They choose race locations that will appeal to not only the athlete, but their whole family.  Anyone who has suffered a boring race venue with small children will understand this.   I really can’t say enough about the folks that run REV3 – they are all AH-mazing.

And then there’s the timing trailer.  The boys (and Sonja and I) have a blast in our little trailer.  I often have no idea what the computer guys are talking about – IP Configurations and codes, but what I do understand is that without a time it’s just an expensive training day so we do EVERYTHING we can to make sure athletes have an accurate (and prompt) time.  Here are a few shots of the timing crew: (thanks to Darryl for the awesome photography!)

Me helping athletes search their times - after the race

Sam, Vince, Nate and LJ





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9 06 2011

Your teammates love your jobs, too! So nice to have a friendly face at the finish line 🙂

9 06 2011


9 06 2011

All three sound like fantastic jobs! 🙂

9 06 2011
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9 06 2011
Chris Garges

Kati, it was great seeing you again from what I saw you’re pretty damn good at the timing job….. Being an engineer and seeing the REV3 timing system had my mind perked up, looks like it would be a blast.

14 06 2011
Tri Madness

I don’t think I realized that you worked in the timing tent. How cool! (I’m only a little jealous).

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