Decisions, Decisions!!

30 05 2011

I sold my tri bike this weekend.  I’m sad.  It was pretty and pink.  But it is time to upgrade to a team Kestrel and I’m excited about a new budding friendship with my new bike.  Yes, I have a relationship with my bikes.  This is who I am.

So, the big debate right now is which bike to get.  Fit-wise the Airfoil will fit me best.  BUT, I’m just not sure if I”m a yellow gal.  I know I’m a pink girl, and after almost 2 years on Team Trakkers I’m even a green girl (you can tell by my new blog format!)  but I just don’t know about yellow.

My other option is the 4000.  In the smaller bike the specs on the 4000 doesn’t suit my body type as well.  But, I like the blue better.  But I know a lot of folks that are riding this bike so that means 1.  It’s a great bike and 2.  There are more of those out there.  I kind of like riding a different bike.

So, what to do, what to do!!  Mr. TriBirdie (who is one of the masterminds behind All3Sports) said he can get fit me on the 4000 if that’s the direction I want to go.  I just CAN’T DECIDE!!  So, give me your thoughts and insights!!  I’m so excited to get onto my new bike and start ramping up my training, but I know this is going to be my bike for a LOOOONG time so I want to make sure I make the right decision.  HELP!




5 responses

30 05 2011

if you like ‘different’ get the airfoil. Especially if it will fit you best!

30 05 2011

I understand the whole matching thing… I bought a lot of new running clothes to match my Bolts when I got them. But with the amount of time we spend in the saddle, go with fit 100% of the time. I’m on the yellow/black Aitrfoil PRO SL, and there’s no yellow in our kits, or any of the training gear I have. Go with the fit Kati

30 05 2011

Unless Mr. TriBirdie can spec out the 4000 to have a perfect fit, go with the airfoil. Speed comes with comfort.

30 05 2011

My last bike was yellow, and she was fun and sexy. However, she was just a bit too big for me. My bet is that you will bond best with the bike that fits you best, regardless of the outward beauty. 🙂

31 05 2011

Although I’m totally all about comfort first, I’m with you on the yellow thing. I couldn’t do the airfoil and that was part of the reason. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 4000! 🙂

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