Scheduling a Comeback

25 05 2011

I keep planning to schedule my comeback, but then I nap instead.  : )  I have slowly been getting back to training – in all honesty I had NO IDEA how much fitness I would loose (all of it) or how much healing time would take (still not there yet) or how hard a mile could feel (I’m pretty sure my lungs turned inside out.)   What I can do in my mind (go out and run a half marathon) and what my body can actually do (run 3.5 miles with a walk break here and there) are still a bit off.

This brings me to scheduling races.  In my mind I can still rock out the full at Cedar Point in September.  Then I go for a run.  Then I say to myself, maybe the half at Cedar Point?  Then I remember that it’s almost June and again, I can’t run a full 3 miles without walking.   F*#%!!  So here I am a triathlete without a triathlon – and boy do I need that race on the schedule to whip me back into shape!

The logical coach in me says, just focus on fitness, building endurance and dropping body fat for now – the race and speed can come later.  But then the crazed competitor in me smacks the coach in me and insists that I get  a race on the schedule – NOW.

So, for now I have the 1 mile wuss swim in June (yes, I still have a bad attitude about not doing the 4.4 mile Chesapeake Bay swim) and the Outerbanks Marathon in November – but there needs to be a triathon or two in there as well.  Right now I’m thinking about the Luray International in late August (although I hate that nasty pond for the swim!!) and looking for a half in October.  First choice would, of course be either the Half Full tri or the REV3 South Carolina Half but I’m pretty sure I’m working both of those, so it needs to be mid to late October and short travel since I will be traveling for both of the above races AND the OBX marathon in Nov.

I think I’m actually kicking around the idea of returning to Wilmington for the B2B Half – the timing is right and I know the course.  Hmm, anyone interested in coming to race with me?  This one fills up so time to register in now!



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25 05 2011

B2B was my first full last year…I half some issues. I have a full report on my blog. Let me know if you have any questions

25 05 2011

I did the B2B full two years ago and my husband did it the inaugural year, there were some big issues both years but since I refuse to race m-dot races any more and work the REV3 races my options are limited!!

25 05 2011

decisions decision…always hard to pick the comeback races-and harder when they all fill!! (hence my 1000 changes). if you want to mull anything over send me a note-happy to discuss 🙂

25 05 2011

Sounds like we have similar late-season plans…. 🙂 No marathon for me, though

27 05 2011
geb broman

Hey Kati! Long time no see – missed you at Angels this year. Have my sights on B2B as my first full distance, and always remember the encouragement you gave me there 2 years ago when I did my first half. Haven’t kept up so not sure what you’re recoving from but would be great to see you power back up in Wilmington. Hang in there and crank it back up – life is good but it’s also short… Peace, Geb

27 05 2011

So great to hear from an old friend! I had a hysterectomy in March, I wasn’t ready for travel yet to make it to Angel’s in Sept.! I’d love to see you out there at B2B!

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