Heading to the Races: Gluten Free Style

17 05 2011

This past weekend was one of my favorite all time races:  REV3 Knoxville.  I did not one but THREE posts about this race last year, you can find them here.  This year I was not racing ( boo), but my husband was and a lot of my fantastic Trakkers/REV3 teammates were going to be there so it was still well worth the 6 hour drive!

Kier and I showing our non-racing excitement! (photo by Joel @trimadness)

Speaking of driving, eating gluten free on the road is not an easy task!  For this trip I used timing – I ate a big meal at home (gluten free pasta) and brought some small snacks – apples, gluten free pretzels and lots of water, for the road.  Once we arrived we went to – PF Chang’s.  (in my head every time I say the name PF Chang’s heavenly music plays)  There’s a whole post of it’s own about PF Chang’s and I’m pretty sure it’s going to include poetry about their yummy food, but we’ll save that for another day.    If I have to eat on the road and I’m headed to the races (going light on the fiber and salads) my go-to food is a Wendy’s baked potato.

IF I was racing for the weekend here are the gluten free accommodations I would make:

  • Do not, under any circumstances plan to live off the course.  (my stomach is really sensitive to sports drinks)  The only thing going in my body on race day is what I have brought along.
  • What do I bring along?  First Endurance  Again, I have several posts about their products – look them up and read more about them.
  • Bring along post race food.  Even if they have yummy fruit that looks wonderful, I have witnessed the fruit being cut by the same big knife that just cut 6,000 bagels.  Not good.
  • I tried bringing a snickers bar one time.  I ended up drinking a melted snicker’s bar and sick from all the sugar.  So, here are my two go-to bars (after I have my First Endurance Ultragen recovery shake) Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Kind Bars and any kind of Think Thin Crunch (although my favorite is the Carmel Chocolate Dipped)

When I’m not racing (often I am working timing for an event) I pretty much live off a cooler of fruit, some UDI’s Gluten Free bagels for breakfast and lots and lots of Think Thin and Kind bars.  For the REV3 Quassy weekend, which I will be working from Thursday night through Monday morning I have already started stockpiling my bars!!




2 responses

17 05 2011

I love KIND bars for traveling! The Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew is awesome, as is the Apple Cinnamon Pecan.

I am with you on not taking in any of the drinks/food at the race. The only thing I have done is small bag of potato chips (sealed) or uncut fruit. Oh, a Go-Gurt, too, in desperation as I knew it was GF and sealed.

17 05 2011

Awesome post!! I never thought about the whole same knife for bagels and fruit thing! ack!

Congrats to your hubby on his great race!!

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