Fun with Celiac

10 05 2011

I love my ever evolving celiac responses to accidental gluten ingestion. (sarcasm)  I’m not sure what my new response is in, well, response too – but I would like to politely decline this symptom.  Yes, that’s right, I’ve decided to tell my gut NO – I will not accept vomiting as a response to ingestion of gluten.

On that note, I would like to say that when I pay $15 for an entrée at a restaurants that assures me they can make any dish gluten free and it is not in fact gluten free – as evidenced by my violent vomiting this time and extreme nausea last time I visited – I think I should probably ask for my money back.  I am probably too lazy to drive over and ask for my money back, but I know that I should so that they know that what they are selling as “gluten free” is not, GLUTEN FREE.   The issue is that I am tired from surgery still and spending an entire night up vomiting did not help my exhaustion.

Thankfully my stomach symptoms were better today and I had a pretty low key day so I was able to nap, twice.   Now lets hope I sleep tonight!!




2 responses

10 05 2011

I’d call and talk to the manager because mistakes like that not only make people like you really sick but could potentially kill someone from anaphylaxis. Couldn’t imagine having to be so cautious. Had a sorority sister who was dealthy allergic to cow milk. Evan a used spoon would make her throat close 😦 unexceptable but I can understand you’re too tired to do it. I’ll call them for you:-)

23 05 2011

My one and only reaction to being glutened is throwing up, too. Usually within 2 hours I know. And yes, paying for that experience sucks. I would surely call and complain to make them aware.

Hope you feel better soon!

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