Wonderful Wednesday

5 05 2011

Today is bright and sunny and just plain wonderful so I thought I should share a few wonderful things with everybody!

  • Walking to school with my son and my friends and their kids.   It might just be the best way to start the day.
  • I ran yesterday.  I was slow and my lungs burned like fire, but I ran and it made me happy.
  • The school is finally testing my son for a learning disability.  This is 3 years of my momma bear skills coming to fruition.
  • I get to see my sister and nephew soon.  Happy, Happy, Happy!!!
  • REV3 Knoxville is next weekend.  I’m still sad not to be racing, but I can’t wait to see my favorite race team (the REV3 race crew is fantabulous!!) and I get to see my favorite tri team (our first Team Trakkers meet up of the year!)  and I get to hang out and pro spot and help out so all will be good and wonderful!  All the fun of a race with none of the pain : )
  • I’m going biking today for the first time in months and months.  My belly might still be too swollen to wear my bike shorts so I might just be out there sporting my husband’s bike shorts but it won’t matter because I will be on my bike and THAT makes me happy!
Here’s wishing everyone else a wonderful Wednesday too!!



3 responses

5 05 2011

Yay! I’m glad you are feeling better! Wish I was coming to Knox!

5 05 2011

So so SOOOO glad things are looking up and pain free for you!!! Can’t wait to see ya 🙂

6 05 2011
Colleen Kingery

I’m glad that you are slowly getting back into things. I’m sure that makes you a happy girl! Can’t wait to meet you next weekend! 🙂

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