Doctor’s Office Coversations

26 04 2011

Sometimes I forget what ‘quirky’ folk us endurance athletes are.  When  my doctor tells me that I need to “take it easy” and “not overdo it” for six full weeks I think that might mean something entirely different to me than to my doctor.  I guess that’s why my doctor said (with a smile) “This one’s going to knock you on your tush for a while” when she was discharging me from the hospital.  Truth is, this hysterectomy is seriously knocking me on my ass.

Last week I had to make an unexpected visit to my doctor because I developed an infection.  Here is the conversation that ocurred during that visit (2.5 weeks post-op):

Kati:  So, um, when can I swim again?

Kati’s Dr.:  By swim I assume you don’t mean get in the water and splash around.

Kati:  No, I mean swim laps, but I won’t use my stomach muscles, I promise.

Kati’s Dr.:   Yeah, right.  6 weeks post-op.

Kati:  Yeah, but see, I have this race mid June that I would really like to do and it’s a 4.4 mile swim.  I can go easy.  I just need to start swimming now.

Kati’s Dr.:  So you are going to start swimming 3 – 4 weeks before the event?  No.

Kati:  But, 4.4 miles really isn’t that long to me.

Kati’s Dr.:  laughing

Kati:  Really, I’m a swimmer.

Kati’s Dr.:  Yeah, I know, I cut through those stomach muscles of yours.

Kati:  No 4.4 mile swim?

Kati’s Dr.:  NO.  At 6 weeks out your stomach muscle suture sites will be 80%.  And that’s as strong as they will be.  Ever.  You need to give your body . .  . blah blah blah – long lecture about taking it easy, building slowly etc., etc., etc.

Kati:  So, how about an Irondistance in Sept.?

Kati’s Dr.:  I can’t believe I’m sitting here arguing with a 2.5 week post-op hysterectomy patient about doing 4.4 mile swims and Ironman triathlons.

Sigh.  I’ve been pretty sad this week to swap my 4.4 mile swim for the 1 mile wussy swim.   (sorry to anyone that might be doing the 1 mile swim, you’re not really a wussy.)  I want to feel like an Ironman again – not a “I walked my son a mile to school so I’ll have to rest for the rest of the morning.”  One day.




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26 04 2011

Hang in there, my dear. I feel your frustration. Of course I am the one mile wussy swimmer 😉 the awesome shape you are in is mking this recovery better than it would have been. I know it is hard to relinquish control and take it easy, but do your best. Hugs.

26 04 2011

I know it isn’t the same thing, but you sound JUST like me after I had the c section with my youngest. I have strong memories of going to Target with my mom about 3 days after he was born and being in so much pain, it was all I could do to get from the back of the store to the front, where I WAITED for her to BRING THE CAR TO THE DOOR. I couldn’t believe how wussy I was! But after that, I was a very good girl and I let everything heal the way it is supposed to. Around 6 weeks I started pushing the jogging stroller, but I walked *gasp*! I didn’t start working out until 4 months post op. FOUR MONTHS. crazy, I know! and then less that two years later I finished Cedar Point! so… yeah, it takes awhile, but you’ll be “back”. Take this opportunity to baby yourself, don’t beat yourself up over it 😀

27 04 2011

Oh man, that would suck. I wish I could loan you some tummy muscles….but I have little to give. Since you are a swimmer, that will come back to you quickly (and you’ll still be faster than us non-swimmers). Just think of this as starting new….only unlike the first time you started into tri/swimming/etc, you have SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE and won’t make all of the rookie mistakes again. You’ll ramp up so fast, and I think you’ll be stronger than before. Hang in there!

27 04 2011

You are an IronWOMAN lady. You are so strong and enduring. I’m not surprised by your chat with the doc 🙂 Did he know you were such a tough cookie?

27 04 2011
Colleen Kingery

That conversation actually says a lot about you! 🙂 I love your drive! Super big ((HUGS)) as you continue to recover!

28 04 2011
Jeff Irvin

In a few weeks you’ll be back turning handsprings!!! That conversation is pretty funny!

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