A new perspective on hygiene

20 04 2011

Because I have PLENTY of extra time on my hands AND  no workouts to blog about I have to give my blog readers a little TMI about me.  I usually plan my showers around my workouts.   If I know I have a workout to do at noon and just have errands to run or will just be working around the house until then I will not shower before my workout.  My husband calls this “questionable hygene” – I call it “conservation.”  I think if I dug deep I might really also call it “lazy” – but that’s a little more self reflection than I’m willing to do right now.

Here’s my other TMI – even if I’m rushed and don’t get a chance to shower after my swim I still call it a shower.   I will do everything in my power and use any excuse to use my favorite TRI-Swim products, but sometimes I have just enough time to swim, throw clothes over my bathing suit and run directly to pick up one or both children before beginning the nightly ritual of homework, dinner, etc.

One final TMI – I LOVE taking baths.  They are one of my very, very favorite things in the world!  And now – NO BATHS!  No swimming, no baths – BOO!

All of these things have made me create a whole new perspective on hygiene.   No longer is my bath a reward for a great sweaty workout.  No more shower with my favorite scent of Tri-Swim overpowering the itchy chlorine smell.  I have to now join the rest of the world, and my husband, in getting up and showering in the morning.  How absolutely boring is that?!




One response

21 04 2011

So funny! I do the same thing with my showers. A Trakkers visor is my best friend on days when the shower won’t come until after an afternoon swim!!

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