What I am doing with my recovery time . . .

18 04 2011

Mostly daydreaming about all the fun races I”m going to do when I actually feel better again.  It has to be daydreaming because – #$@%$ – I have insomnia!  The hystersysters forum has actually been great help with figuring out what’s normal and it turns out – insomnia is normal.  Being someone who normally sleeps 10 hours a night this is tearing me up!!

It also seems that my idea of ‘taking it easy’ and what was I really supposed to be doing last week were a little different so I ended up feeling like CRAP this weekend.  Still do today.  Now I will be a good little girl and rest the right way for a few days.  Boo.

Here is what I really, really want to accomplish this year: a REV3Adventure Race!  Check out the EPIC slide show from this weekend’s EPIC, sprint and family race!  I would like a little less mud and rain when I do my race though : )  I wasn’t planning on bringing the kids to the REV3 Knoxville race, but now I’m seriously considering it so that they can do the family adventure race with me.  We will definitly be ready by Oct. 23rd for the family adventure race in Haymarket.  Now I have to keep my fingers crossed that they add on another sprint adventure race so that I can try a grown up race too!!




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19 04 2011
Jeff Irvin

Good luck getting some sleep! Sounds like you are doing well!

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