My First Surgery

7 04 2011

The hospital registration lady that called to pre-register me for my hysterectomy could not believe I had never had surgery or been under general anesthesia.  I guess it was even more surprising to her that neither had any of my parents or siblings.  Sadly, my children have both had more than their share of anesthesia with 7 ENT surgeries between the two of them.  So, pre-registered and ready to get rid of my boggy uterus we headed to the hospital at 6 am Monday morning.

All my pre-op prep went off without a hitch.  IV in, bracelets on, more questions answered – an then the happy fluids came in my IV.  I was a tipsy enough that I was trying to read my CBC readout that had just come.  BTW, I don’t know anything about my CBC numbers – but I’m pretty sure I decided that they looked great.

Next thing I remember I was waking up in recovery.  Not my best hour.  I was hurting – bad.  I kept telling my nurse something was wrong, the catheter was hurting, I was in pain – I needed help.  She didn’t seem too concerned and told me I’d have to get used to the catheter.  I got transfered to my room where my sweet hubby and mom were waiting.  Turns out I was not doing well with the pain.  The nurses kept saying they had given me way more pain meds than I should have needed, but I was hurting – BAD.  It was the kind of pain that you have to do labor breathing through.  The kind of pain that you need lights out, no noise and no one touching you.

About 3 doeses of Morphine, Dilaudid and Percocet I was finally able to relax.   That was about six hours of hell.  My fear going into the surgery was that the surgeon would come out and say they didn’t find anything, and that everything looked normal.  I needed an answer to all the pain and problems I have been having.    When my husband told me the doctor said my ovaries were still there because there was no endometriosis I started to panic.  No worries, as soon as I saw the pictures of my uterus I knew my problems were solved.  Turns out yes, I did have a nasty little case of Adenomyosis, and uterine fybroids.   Dr. Smith said everything was out of place, enlarged and literally falling apart.

Problem solved.  Except now I have to recover from abdominal surgery.  Turns out having your pelvis all rearranged takes a lot of healing.  I was feeling like a new woman on Tuesday morning.  Ready to go home I got up, took a shower and even walked the halls.  I was released by lunch and by the time I got home I was ready to crawl into bed and dose up on my pain meds.  That has basically been the story of my recovery.  I feel good, walk around, try to take care of the kids, do some stuff – then spend a couple of hours in bed recovering.

Thankfully my amazingly wonderful sister, mother and hubby are holding down the fort.  Running the kids to and fro, making meals, keeping the house much cleaner than I usually do – and of course taking wonderful care of me!  And then there are my wonderful friends, sending cards, flowers and treating me to all kinds of goodies!  What a lucky woman I am!!!

Dr. Smith said in a week to 10 days I will feel like a lot better.  Two weeks and I should feel like a new woman.  But, my wonderful miracle doc said this is basically going to kick my but for the next 6 weeks. For six weeks I can’t lift more than 5 pounds.   And only lifting things I can pick up with one hand.  I’ll get tired easily and need to take it one day at a time.  I am so excited to be done with the pelvic pain, exhaustion, stomach pain and back pain.  I am willing to slow down for 6 weeks if it means that in 6 months I’ll be racing and training and back to my energetic, involved kick-ass fit ‘a mom is a powerful mom’ self!




4 responses

7 04 2011

Not sure why I didn’t know that’s what you were going in for. I’m glad it will bring you relief!!! Happy to hear all went well – you’ll be back up and at it in no time!

7 04 2011
Jeff Irvin

Happy to hear all went as planned! Take care of yoursefl!

7 04 2011

Hang in there, kati!! Keep remembering why you did this, and know that it will be worth it. I had an emergency c-section with my 2nd son, and I can vouch for you that abdominal surgery is incredibly painful. Take the recovery nice and slow and listen to your docs. You’ll be back in no time.

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