Joining the Hyster-Sisters

18 03 2011

For those of you gentlemen that don’t want to hear about my lady parts – turn away now.  Seriously, this whole post will be about my child bearing body parts, entering ‘the change’ and other squeemish issues about ladyhood that you might not want to know about.  I’m just say’n.

My husband thought it was pretty funny that one of the best websites I found for information about hysterectomies was called Hyster-Sisters. I guess just like when you ‘become a woman’ and join the ranks of women that suffer the ‘privilege’ of monthly cramps, vomiting, tampons, pads – I’ll soon be joining the ranks of uterus-less women.

A few months ago I started having severe pelvic pain while running.  That spread into pelvic pain all the time.  That spread into pelvic pain AND celiac-like stomach problems.  I went to my OBGYN, who did an ultrasound, then didn’t call me back.  Boo for poor patient care.  I went to my family doctor.  The recommended a GYN in town.  After seeing her I finally got some answers.  Endometriosis, which I have had problems with for years, but never to this extent and Adenomyosis – which is a new one.

It was fun hearing my doctor call my uterus “unfriendly” and my favorite, “soggy.”  After reading and analyzing and researching the bejeezus out of my options my doctor and I decided it’s time to do laparoscopic surgery.  She thinks she’ll need to both burn off the endometriosis and take out my uterus.   I read all kinds of online stories about women feeling sad about loosing their uterus.   Me, I can’t wait to get this soggy and unfriendly thing out of my body.

Bummer is I’ll miss racing Knoxville. I’ll miss the wonderful outside riding of Spring.  My swim training is going to suffer terribly.  But wow, I can’t wait to stop feeling crappy!   Short term it won’t be great for my training but in the long run – YAY, I’ll actually be able to RUN again!   Hubby is still doing Knoxville so I still get to go enjoy seeing all my wonderful Team Trakkers teammates and join in all the fun team activities!




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18 03 2011

I am so sorry to hear about all of this 😦 I will hang out with you at Knoxville – I don’t think I will be able to run. Are you bringing the whole family?

18 03 2011

I am so sorry that you have to go through this, but it will be really good to not feel crappy anymore…soggy uterus is kind of a funny way to describe it. I would want it out too.

Drs use the weirdest terms at the weirdest times…this reminded me when I was in the stirrups with Johnny (Jane) Bench reaching around and she literally says, “You have the tiniest little uterus and the cutest little cervix”

What the hell am I supposed to say to that? “Uh..Thanks?”

19 03 2011

I’m sorry you will be missing out on spring training and Knox…but so glad you have gotten to the bottom of everything. I hope all goes well…let us know when your surgery is scheduled.

19 03 2011

Of course I’m bummed that you’ll be missing out on some fun stuff short term, but I think it is wonderful that you were able to find someone to give you some good answers!! Here is to feeling better soon!!!

20 03 2011
Colleen Kingery

I’m so glad that you got to the bottom of the problem! Keep us updated on when the surgery is and glad that you’ll still be in Knoxville, even though you can’t race!

20 03 2011

Just found your blog. Am sorry it’s not under better circumstances. Soggy, huh? Where do doctors come up with these descriptions?!? Glad it was all sorted out for you, though.

21 03 2011

I love how doctors throw terms around and you’re thinking “is that a good thing it’s soggy and unfriendly??”… sorry you’ve had to go through this..sounds painful and I am sure you are very much looking forward to the relief.

Bummed about Knoxville for you, but….you’ll be pain free and you get to spectacte and *may* end up having more fun 🙂 (you can drink the night before…hehe)!

Thinking of you!

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