This little fishy. . .

14 03 2011

No, not this is a little fishy, this little fishy as in . . . me!  I’m still off running and not sure if the problem will be resolved quickly or over a few months I’ve got to focus on what I can do – SWIM!  All that bitching and moaning about not running made me forget my very favoritist of all sports – SWIMMING!  I CAN swim!  So swim I will!

I have this little race coming up, the Chesapeake Bay Swim in June.  Just a short 4.4 mile swim across the Chesapeake Bay.  I’m super excited to try out my new TYR Hurricane 5 wetsuit that is on the way!  Hopefully it will protect me from all those pesky little sea creatures out there!

So I’m burning through bottles and bottles of my trusty Tri-Swim and hitting the pool daily.  Right now my short days are varying between 2000 and 2800 yards, mostly shorter speed sets (100’s to 250’s with short rest sets).  My long days have built up to 3 miles, with my whopping 3.5 miler on tap for Thursday of this week.  I do my long days in  mile increments, 1 mile warm up, 1 mile @ race effort, 1 mile cool down.  This week my middle mile will become 1.5 miles at race effort.  I take a short break in between miles  for a swig of Liquid Shot or EFS Drink, whichever I’m chugging down on that particular swim.   I still haven’t figured out how to carry my Liquid Shot along on the swim, my flasks are all too big to fit under my wetsuit comfortably.  Suggestions?




4 responses

14 03 2011

You go girl! You are a fish!

14 03 2011

i would recommend sleeveless. the water temps are warm for full body suit. and they do have boats at miles 2 and 3 for “refreshments”

15 03 2011

I’m sorry… it sounded like you said 4.4 mile swim… hahahaha… I know you are just joking…


4.4 miles?


16 03 2011
Janet Edwards

Woohooo, I need more of your fishy skillz!

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