Making progress while standing still.

11 03 2011

You wouldn’t think that was possible – making progress while standing still – but it’s exactly how I feel and it’s my blog so I’m going with it.  I have been on little to no running for the last month or so and reduced running for a couple of months leading up to that because of pelvic pain.  I’m not talking about cramps or a little discomfort – I’m talking about ‘someone is jabbing my lower abdomen with a knife’ pain.

I went to the doctor (you know, the lady parts kind) to try and figure it out.   I got nothing.  I went to my family doc, they had some ideas but it was outside of their scope of practice so they referred me to a new lady parts doc.  I saw her this morning.  She was great.  She gave me answers and options.  I still can’t run.  Fixing the issues might be a lot more involved than I was anticipating.    In the short term I might even loose a few weeks of any kind of exercise.

But, finally getting some choices, finally getting some answers, and having a doctor that listened and appreciated that “I can’t run because of the pain” is a life changing symptom is HUGE progress for me.    Finding a doctor that will take  my lifestyle and even my race schedule into account is such a relief.  The bottom line is that I’ll do whatever it takes to get better, but if we can manage pain and the problem until after race season – that’s obviously optimal.

For now I’m trying to leave my race schedule as ‘fluid.’  I’m swimming and biking, doing yoga and strength as much as possible.  When I can run again I will.  Until then I’ll consider this a great time to get some extra swim training for the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim!




4 responses

11 03 2011

YES!! Great News!

11 03 2011

Glad you are finally getting to the bottom of it! Hopefully, you’ll be back to normal in no time.

12 03 2011

Having doctors that REALLY listen and treat you (patients) like you have a brain is HUGE!! Very glad you found someone 🙂

12 03 2011

AWESOME to find a DR who listens, I wish I could find one. Progress!

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