I think I’ve got it backwards.

3 03 2011

So I think I have the whole process of training a little backwards right now.  Team Trakkers got an incredible new sponsorship, Recovery Pump.   To those that don’t really know much about recovery and training tools, this is like the limo of recovery tools (although I don’t really like limos, so I guess for me it’s just WHERE IT’S AT!)   This is what the pro’s use.  And now I know why.

So, I have developed a new addiction to my compression boots.  This isn’t like throwing on a tight and constricting pair of socks (or tights or calf sleeves), this is a whole leg boot that plugs into a nifty little box that makes me go ahhhh!  I know what you’re thinking – and I am ashamed of you – not THAT kind of aaah!  The box is a Active Pneumatic Compression System.  It starts at my feet and give a squeeze, then moves up the leg before deflating for the set amount of time (I have my set for 10 sec. intervals) and then it begins again!

Why in the world would one sit for an hour thirty minuites while getting their legs squeezed?  First because if feels really, really good.  More importantly there is some incredible science behind using compression to clear metabolic waste and lactic acid from muscles and improving O2 delivery.  The Recovery Pump site is new and is still growing with more information, but it’s worth taking a look and following them on twitter @recoverypump.  Here is a LINK to some more great info about the Recovery Pump!

This brings me to being backwards.  I am actually training so that I can use my boots more.  Don’t want to get back on that trainer for another bike ride?  Hmmm, I get time in my happy boots if I do my workout – done.   Although I know it’s great that it’s gotten my tush back into training after a laaaazy 2 week vacation, I am sure I it’s a bit backwards!!




5 responses

3 03 2011

kind of like training to eat more?? I have been using my boots every night!! The best 🙂

3 03 2011

I’ve been sick and injured (finally training again), but even using them after long days on my feet at work has been awesome. Every nurse needs a pair!

4 03 2011

Seriously, I’m addicted too! I think to myself, “I had a 30 minute recovery swim today…is that enough to justify the pump?” Of course it is!!!

5 03 2011

Okay, I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who actually has convinced myself to workout a little longer so that I can sit in my boots all night! I love the feeling – like a massage on my couch!

12 03 2011

I feel like a giant tube of toothpaste and LOVE it.

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