The Silver Lining

9 02 2011

Twitter can be such a wonderful place for leading you to fun new blogs!  I found this wonderful gem today on twitter:

The post is all about the positives of being gluten free (and snow, but this year in VA we haven’t had much of that!

In general I needed a good old fashioned pick me up post.  We’ve all had a lot of illness lately and it has been wearing me down.  Reading this post reminded me how much better I feel and the wonderful affects I have found from living gluten free.  More recently I have been eating all whole foods (about 95% Paleo) and I feel even better and have learned even more about food!  For example – I actually really, really like Kale.  Who would have known?





4 responses

9 02 2011

You should totally ask the Lavatos for their kale chip recipe. I’ve had them once (not theirs) and they were awesome

9 02 2011

Glad you found a good pick me up! I can’t wait to talk to you about the Paleo stuff, it sounds interesting!! Hope things continue on the upswing! 😀

10 02 2011

Thanks for the great link. I love kale as well – who knew!

10 02 2011

I LOVE Kale. Before I tried it I SWORE I hated it.

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