Being Dissed

2 02 2011

Being Dismissed just didn’t seem catchy enough for a blog title so I went with ‘Dissed.’  I think I might be too old to use the word dissed.

I have been blessed with two beautiful, healthy and generally well behaved children.   Not as much a blessing is the 4 bad ears the combined 2 children have.  Yesterday brought not one but 2 seperate trips to the pediatrician for ear infections.  Not surprising in the winter / cold virus months with wee ones, but my kids are 8 and 11 and have had 7 ear tubes, two adnoidectomies, and one tonsilectimy between the two of them.

My daughter is very, very sensitive to water in her ears.   She is the reining champ when it comes to tubes with a whopping 5 sets over her 11 years.  When she swims she has to wear plugs and a cap.  When we have to use ear drops she still shakes in pain.  I don’t know why or what causes it and I do understand that most children, even ones with tubes are not that sensitive.  But I have known her long enough and seen enough pain on her face to know she is not just doing it for the drama.

This is why it irked me so when I had her at the Pediatrician yesterday who informed us that her tube was obstructed by wax, which causing a build up of gunk, which then got infected, causing her ear drum to bulge.  Doesn’t sound very comfortable in the best of ears, much less a very sensitive one.  He informed us that he needed to put Colace in the ear to soften the wax.  Colace is a liquid – oh crap, here we go.  He told her not to be silly.  After we finished and my 11 year old was still in tears and holding her ear he actually rolled his eyes at her and looked at her like she was the biggest drama queen he’d ever seen.

This still pisses me off.  Despite the fact that I explained her pain with fluid in her ear he was sure she was just being a silly little girl.   I have certainly been considered a silly little girl a lot in my life.  I think I’ve done more than enough things just to prove that I can, and if you tell me you don’t think I can, well then I most certainly will.

On the one hand I wish for my daughter to be taken seriously so that she doesn’t have to go through that feeling of being dismissed.  Then again, on the much wiser other hand I think I have accomplished lots and lots of fabulous things in life specifically because I was dismissed.  So I guess for my daughter I wish (and I will teach her) that when you are dismissed you rise above, prove them wrong and believe in your aspirations and convictions.





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2 02 2011

Hmm that might be cause for a new doc. Even if she was being a drama queen the eye roll attitude is 100% inappropriate and unprofessional!!

2 02 2011

First of all, I’m totally with Laura on this one! and secondly, I’m totally with you on this one! You are absolutely right, sometimes the biggest motivation can come from being told that you can’t do something. Hope she feels better soon!!!

2 02 2011
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2 02 2011

I count not agree more – new doc time. There are so many good mds out there. I would hate that there is something that is getting missed because the MD is annoyed. Good luck!

3 02 2011

That SUCKS!!!! And it pisses me off!! Some MD’s just shouldn’t be in the profession-MD’s with REAL people skills are true gems!! I hope you can find one and I hope she feels better soon

3 02 2011
jeff Jacskon

Good job Mom! Take good care of that girl. I’ve suffered with chronic ear pain that started two and a half years ago. The pain from fluid is real. It’s some of the worst pain I deal with. I don’t have any good ideas about what to do. If I had, I’m sorry to say I wouldn’t have found your blog post. Absolutely take this seriously, you describe some of the same symptoms I experience, though I doubt the causes are the same. Take her to an different ENT is my advice. Good luck.

4 02 2011
Colleen Kingery

That totally stinks… I would agree that it’s a new doctor time!

4 02 2011

Dump him. I have a huge attitude with Drs because I think that often they treat us like we are idiots and are not all that caring about what is really going on…they just want to run numbers through their clinics to get $$. Way to stand up. Makes me mad!!

4 02 2011

I mean it makes me mad he treated you that way!

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