Sometimes you have to choose.

28 01 2011

Last weekend I kind of came to a crossroads with my body composition and workouts.  I have been lugging around about 15 lbs. of extra weight over the winter.  Cookies, diet soda, chips, candy – you name it I ate it.  Right before Christmas I decided I was done.  Time to get back on the workout plan.  Time to clean up my diet.  Done.

For the most part my workouts were pretty consistent.  Not Ironman (or even half ironman) training, but consistent at 7 – 8 hours a week.  I have been slow, which I attribute to both re-building fitness AND the extra 15 lbs.  Even with my fairly healthy eating and pretty consistent exercise I just have not shed any weight.  AND – it started to piss me off.

My frustration is two fold, I’m tired of running slow and dread lugging those 15 lbs. up and over hills on my bike AND I have to fit all this into a bathing suit in a few weeks.  In addition I have to put this body into a race suit in a few weeks.  Eeek. 

So brings the crossroads.  Change my eating fairly dramatically, which will probably make my training suffer or stick to the training and keep my eating as is and hope and pray that eventually my metabolism will kick in.  I did my pro’s and cons and really did some soul searching over this one.  It might be vanity, but I decided to go for the faster kick start to my metabolism.  Out the window goes the full marathon in March.  But the good news is that I am hoping by then to be rid of this horrid 15 lbs. so the half marathon should be much, much easier to do!

I generally do very, very well on a whole foods diet.  It’s pretty simple – eat real food.  It’s mostly a Paleo diet.  I didn’t go get the book or anything – but I did find some amazing recipes online that I am loving.  So far it hasn’t been too bad and I’ve dropped a few pounds.   For those unfamiliar with the Paleo diet it’s also called the Caveman diet – eat what was available to the caveman.  No grains or processed food, it even stays away from beans and legumes.  Fruits, veggies, nuts and meats.  Seems restricting but wow they’re are some a-mazing recipes that I found online.   My favorite site is EverydayPaleo.  I made stuffed mushrooms last night with steamed kale – it was divine.

I have found my energy is low for workouts.  That’s the one area that I am taking liberties from the Paleo plan.  I am using First Endurance products before, during and after workouts for some easier carbohydrates.  I have slowed my workouts down to almost 100% low heart rate base building zones until I adjust to the diet.  I am finding, in general that I like eating this way and do think that after I get to my goal weight I will stick to a generally Paleo plan.




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28 01 2011

Sounds great. I find that this plan works for me as well. I have the friel paleo book, if you want to borrow it. He actually suggests that you have a smoothie after workouts longer than one hour. Good luck!

28 01 2011

Diet is important, but unless you’re doing your slow zone1-2 workouts somewhat fasted, your wasting time. Your body won’t switch to burning mostly fat as fuel until 45minutes into a work out. You COULD buy Shape21 by my coach Ben Greenfield, OR, as a coach, I could make you a schedule of 20-40minute workouts that will kickstart fat loss, and keep it going for most of the day. It won’t be as inclusive and Ben’s book, because I edited his workouts to work my weaknesses, and I won’t mess with your diet, but it’ll work and give you more room to do certain routines when you want instead of “do workout ‘x’ on day ‘y'” that most exercise Rxs give. The gist of it is resistance sessions in the morning, and intervals at as close to 100% as you can via your favorite discipline. Use that to supplement your slow base-type training, don’t cut it out completely. Email me if you’re interested.

28 01 2011

My metabolism change is more focused on diet. I am not really using the z2 work to be in fat burning zone – I’m using it until my energy level increases because of the change in diet. As soon as I re-adjust I will resume my regular training that includes intervals and speed.

28 01 2011

The best way that I’ve found to boost my metabolism is to start hitting up two-a-days. Something in the morning and in the evening, and the weight just falls off so much easier than if I watch what I eat or do a big workout in the morning… even if the workouts are smaller. With my new job and life changes, I am starting to get frustrated with the weight/workout/work balance that I am lacking. Good luck sister.

28 01 2011
Jeff Irvin

You got a good plan Kati. Protein up for a couple of weeks and keep the carbs low. Your performance may suffer in training but the performance gains from the weight loss will be more than worth it once you hit your target weight. I do this every offseason – fatten up over Nov/Dec, lean out Jan and Feb. I am comfortable around 165lbs, my ideal race weight is 150lbs. For me those 15lbs are the difference in being MOP vs FOP, especially on the run. You got the plan no stick to it and you’ll be golden in no time!

28 01 2011

I am in the same boat as you, Kati! I’ve really tightened everything up and am eating very little processed foods and grains. I notice a HUGE difference in how my body holds onto things, so to speak. I also just feel better. If I really want some grains or something like that, I just try to keep it before or after a workout. I’m hoping to drop another 12-13 pounds or so before my half-iron training starts to ramp up. Let’s do this thing!!!

28 01 2011

Just curious, can you do dairy on Paleo? Fage Greek Yogurt really fills me up and has a TON of protein…..may be good for energy?? I add in some nuts for flavor 🙂

It’s hard to “cut back” though and make changes….hard!!! Good on you for doing it though and you’re going to rock your half!

29 01 2011

i always gain weight in the winter, not a lot, but enough that i feel it. i just eat more in the cold months. i guess i’ve been eating a paleo diet b/c i cook so much in my slow cooker these days. Unfortunately, i eat potatoes like a trucker!

2 02 2011

Good on ya’! I know the feeling, sometimes you gotta take the bull and the horns.

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