Warm thoughts during our Snow ‘Storm’

26 01 2011

We are expecting a few inches of snow here in the valley today.  Because we haven’t had much snow this year it seems that all has come to a standstill for 4 – 7 inches of the white stuff.  Truthfully I’m just fine with a little snow, I’ve missed it this year.

Our upcoming trip to warm and sunny Costa Rica makes the snow a little easier to take.  All the details are worked out and all that is left to do is pack!  Since it would be silly to have packed bags laying around the house for a few weeks I guess I’ll show restraint and hold off on packing.

I’m super excited that the REV3 Blogtalk radio get back up and running tonight.   AND – tonight’s guest is Bree Wee – professional triathlete (and former Costa Rica resident) extraordinare!  The show is on at 8pm Eastern time and is worth skipping ABC Wed. night re-runs to listen.  If you sign in you can chat in the chat room while you are listening to the show.  In the past all kinds of other professionals popped in to chat too which was pretty cool.   

Alright, I’d better go and parent my two children that are off school for the day – you have the day to think of fun (or funny) questions to call or text into the radio show!




2 responses

26 01 2011

I can’t wait to listen!

27 01 2011

Bree’s interview was so good!! I had to listen after because we lost the internet after the first 5 min. I listened today though.

Jealous of you going to CR! Have so much fun!

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