Tri-Swim Tuesday

25 01 2011

They’re baaaaack!  I’m thrilled that Tri-Swim has signed on to sponsor Team Trakkers for another year.  This stuff is just gold!  Since we are also back in the routine of Tuesday morning swim practices (we had a GREAT full pool this morning, if you weren’t there you missed out!) I thought it was time to post another Tri-Swim Tuesday workout.

Today we worked on upper aerobic endurance.  (This is another way of saying little rest and hard swims.)  If you do this one as written you should need your Tri-Swim to wash off the chlorine AND the sweat!

Warm up:400 – 500 total

200 – 300 easy

4 x 50 kick (25 hard kick, 25 easy) no rest

Main Set: 2100 total

4 x 50 [25 sprint, 25 recovery] no rest

4 x 100 [50 sprint, 50 recovery] no rest

4 x 150 [100 @ t-pace, 50 recovery]

2 x 300 [200 @ goal race pace for 300 pool swim race, 100 recovery] no rest

2 x 150 [100 @ t-pace, 50 recovery]

Cool Down:  100 easy




5 responses

25 01 2011

Great workout! I’m SO not in swim shape. I think I would have been done after the warm-up 😉

25 01 2011
curly su

Wow, that looks great. Thanks for posting. I’m definitely going to do this later this week…

25 01 2011

Great work out!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

25 01 2011

I need to come swim with you!

25 01 2011

Great workout…This is awesome, I think I am going to do that next time I am in the pool. Ouch.

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