Gluten Reactions=No fun

12 01 2011

I was at the grocery store the other day buying my arsenal of gluten free (and expensive) products when the cashier asked me “Is this a new diet?  I’ve been seeing a lot of people buying this stuff lately.”  I wish.  I am 100% very strictly gluten free, not by choice but by necessity.

I have been asked several times by friends lately about my symptoms so I thought my double whammy of getting mistakenly ‘glutenned’ was a good reason to write a blog post about my Celiac.

I was diagnosed (by a blood test and an intestinal biopsy) with Celiac Disease about seven years ago.  Symptoms are so individual from case to case but for me my first symptom was utter and overwhelming fatigue.  Then the body aches began and interestingly the intestinal symptoms came last.  I was not one of those that lost weight due to celiac, instead I bloat up and actually gain weight.

Now that I am strictly gluten free my symptoms are a little different.  In general I feel good, and know it pretty soon (about 20 min) after I have had gluten.  Two days ago I noticed around 3 pm that my belly was bloated.  Like couldn’t button my jeans bloated.    Because I knew I hadn’t gotten any gluten I couldn’t figure out why I was bloating so badly.  By 6pm I looked 4 months pregnant.  I had to attend a meeting that night and was horribly embarrassed that I looked pregnant when I am not, in fact pregnant.  My jeans were cutting  into my belly and my wrap around sweater – well, wasn’t really wrapping all the way around.

By 7:30 when I returned home I crawled into bed and fell asleep for the night.  My only lingering affect the next morning was a headache like a hangover.  I guess I get a gluten hangover.  I still couldn’t figure out what I had ingested, but when dinner rolled around my tummy ache began again.  The only thing I had had on both days was my peppermint tea.  I think my tea was alright, but it does stay in a canister which I foolishly stored next to the flour.  Duh.

I went to bed last night again at 7:30  and again woke up with a gluten hang over.  I feel much better now that I know what caused my reaction.  I often get asked if I’m tempted to ‘cheat’ and eat yummy gluten treats.  Nope.  Not even a little.  This is definitely one of those cases that the reward (gluten foods) is not worth the pain.




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12 01 2011

gluten reaction, or incredibly fetal development? hmmm… 🙂
Glad to hear you know the culprit.

12 01 2011

that was supposed to say: incredibly *fast* fetal development. oops!!!!

12 01 2011

I’ve tried many (failing) times to go gluten free because I just feel better when I do; like a 10/10 I stead of a 9/10…your post makes me wonder if I should get a test. Any tips for going G-free?
I know the bloating issue though. I can’t digest one of the sugars in HammerGel; I’ve got a few race pictures where I my tri top isn’t really doing much compression.

12 01 2011
Jessi Thompson

I have a friend with Celiac disease… it’s a toughie just watching from the sidelines. Glad you found out what was causing the issue.

12 01 2011

I have a friend with Celiac disease – she sick for a long time and was diagnosed 2 weeks before a big multi-day camping trip her and I had planned. What is funny – she called me and she had that “I am backing out” voice. So I was all ready to be annoyed that she was bagging the trip, when she said, “I have Celiacs, can I do the menu and food?” I was like, “OH is that it, of course you can plan the menu, just tell me what NOT to bring!” (not to belittle the disease at all, but I was psyched she was still going.) Food was awesome BTW.

She is feeling so much better now. But I was surprised at how many places gluten exists that you have to watch out for. Anyway, long story..I am glad you know what causes the trouble, bummer you got some contamination in there. Feel better.

12 01 2011

I’m glad you figured out what was causing it! I am not gluten free, but I definitely feel better when I’m not ingesting a lot of gluten. I find it makes my body hold on to a lot more than it should.

13 01 2011
Colleen Kingery

I don’t know a lot about Celiac so I’m really glad that you posted this. Gave me a little more insight to what you are going through. Glad you were able to figure it out!

14 01 2011

Glad you are feeling better! Take care of yourself!!

16 01 2011

Does your peppermint tea say gluten free on it? If not it could be the glue they use to seal the bag. Same with the glue on envelopes and stamps.

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